#NewLaunch Kiss Air Gin & Tonic Candle

#NewLaunch Kiss Air Gin & Tonic Candle

Hello Beauties, I hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon, the sun has decided to come out here today, which always puts me in a positive mood.  I am excited to share with you that one of my favourite candle company’s, Kiss Air Candles who have just launched a new Gin & Tonic candle, this has been a popular request from fans of the brand and it’s finally here.

If you are new to this range, these candles are made in the UK with natural soybean (Vegetable) wax which they have won many awards for and have been featured in many publications for the quality of their candles.

I previously reviewed their Christmas collection which you can find out more about HERE.

When I heard about this candle I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean we all know what Gin & Tonic smells like but how could this be translated into a candle? As i’ve never heard of candle like this before and I can imagine it is a difficult task to create a candle like this.  As soon I lifted the lid I was immediately transported to a sunny day sitting in the garden, relaxing with a glass of ice cool Gin & Tonic with the effervescent bubbles popping away.  This candle is 100% spot on, I am amazed at this achievement as I can’t imagine that it was easy to create not only the aroma but the experience as if you were actually enjoying this drink.

The aroma is crisp and refreshing to the senses with citrus top notes blending into fresh green herbs, it can now be gin o’clock anytime with this candle.  I am continually impressed by this range and will be trying more of their range very soon.

You can purchase this Gin & Tonic candle direct from the Kiss Air Candles Website which retails at £8.50.  This candle come in a metallic tin with bright modern packaging and the burn time is up to 25 hours.  It is important to trim your wick to achieve the best burn and fragrance throw from any candle.

Have you used any of the Kiss Air Candles range before?

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