Anti-Ageing SPF30 Eye Cream | Ultrasun

Anti-Ageing SPF30 Eye Cream  |  Ultrasun

Hello Beauties, I am excited to share with you a review of a newly launched SPF30 Eye Cream which I previewed a couple of weeks ago, as part of this year’s new launch products from one of my favourite brands Ultrasun.  I’m a big believer in using spf on a daily basis, as with most things in life consistency is key to achieve great results and Ultrasun make it so quick and easy with their once a day sun protection range

It’s ingenious of Ultrasun to develop a specific spf treatment for the eye area, i’ve never come across a product like this before but it makes complete sense as the skin around our eyes is so much thinner than the rest of the face so it needs extra special attention.  Not only does this eye cream protect the delicate area around the eyes against UVA / UVB damage but it is also an anti-ageing eye cream, packed full of antioxidants, with specific ingredients designed to minimise the look of fine lines and has a brightening effect on the look of dark circles.

If you are using your usual sun cream around the eyes, often it is too rich for this area and may cause you to suffer from watery eyes or your eyes to sting, so this is a perfect solution for you to use.  You only need to use a tiny amount and the fine tipped nozzle allows you to directly apply small dots around the eye area, which you blend in with your ring finger.

As with all Ultrasun products you apply this eye cream to clean, dry skin, everyday before applying any other product to the skin.  I’ve found this works brilliantly as an eye makeup primer as it instantly lightens the skin and keeps my concealer lasting longer during the day.

The texture is so light you’d find it hard to believe that it contains any kind of SPF, especially an SPF30 as usually these can be quite thick and heavy, but this fluid like cream rubs in quickly and easily.  There is no perfume, mineral oils, preservatives, silicones or chemical filters, it is also water resistant to provide long lasting protection.

Since using I started using this eye cream i’ve noticed that the look of my lines and dark circles around my eyes look less noticeable and I can relax knowing that I am fully protected from UVA /UVB rays.

The Ultrasun Eye SPF30 comes in a 15ml tube and retails at £18 which is available direct from the Ultrasun website or from QVCUK.

However if you are looking for a complete sun protection collection, then this product is part of 5 piece collection available for today only on QVCUK where if you split the cost of the entire collection five ways you would only be paying £8.39 for this eye cream, which makes this a perfect opportunity to try this wonderful new product.

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