The Hidden Power of Vitamin C | Alpha H

The Hidden Power of Vitamin C   |  Alpha H

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It’s the start of a new week, which is the perfect time to shake up your skincare routine and motivate your skin with new potent ingredients that you may not have tried before.  Vitamin C, is such an underrated skincare ingredient, but for me it’s an essential in my beauty routine as it has multiple skin benefits, which can often be overlooked by being too focused on the latest anti wrinkle cream.

Did you know using a topical Vitamin C treatment provides one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis and slow down it’s degradation?  It is also up to 20 times more effective than taking a vitamin supplement or foods rich in Vitamin C, as the skin is often the last to reap the benefits of anything we have consumed.  Vitamin C also has a powerful effect on lightening the appearance of pigmentation, if this is your concern I would recommend combining this treatment serum with the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ which I have also reviewed HERE.

I have been using two drops of the Alpha H Vitamin C Serum on a morning for the past couple of weeks, as my skin has been looking devitalised and just seemed to be missing that oomph of vitality to its appearance.  I chose to try this serum as I believe it’s one of the most potent serums on the market, as not only does it contains the equivalent of 21 oranges worth of Vitamin C, it’s also power packed with hyaluronic acid.  There has been so much care and attention into the delivery of this serum, the outer packaging acts as a kind of thermostat, ensuring the potency of this serum is maintained at a constant temperature and the UV coated outer casing adds additional protection from degrading UV rays, which means fewer preservatives need to be used.

After the first couple of days I begun to notice a change in my skin, the overall appearance looked firmer, plumper and generally more vibrant.  Now two weeks later those benefits have increased and the larger looking pores on my cheeks have a greater refinement and look less noticeable.  This has always been a problem area for me and it’s so good to finally use a product where I can see a change.  I’ve even had more makeup free days as my skin is looking so radiant.  I will be repurchasing this serum as for me it is a must have in my routine now.

If you would like to experience these benefits for your skin this Vitamin C Serum comes in a 50ml bottle and is available direct from the Alpha H website priced at £58.50, however QVCUK have this product available at a reduced price of £43.50, which is a good saving so I would take advantage while you can.

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