Lynx: Find Your Magic

Lynx: Find Your Magic

In 1985 the Lynx effect was born in the UK, which quickly became an essential part of a guy’s grooming routine.  Lynx has always been about building confidence and preparing men for success, creating sophisticated fragranced products, designed for the modern man.

Lynx have introduced a new campaign which is all about “finding your magic“, as everyone has their own unique talents and abilities that make them who they are.  Some may be more obvious than others like a fit body or stylish suit, but don’t just judge someone on their outer appearance as I can guarantee there is a lot to be said for what inside, that inner fire and personality that someone can possess.

Keeping all of that in mind, Lynx have recently launched a collection of Daily Fragrances that come in a precision pump action spray cannister, to instantly feel refreshed, each with their own unique aroma, allowing you to express your own distinctive personality and is a perfect finishing touch to complete your own sense of style.

  • Tobacco & Amber (Urban) – This reminds me of distinctive fragrance that I used to wear quite some time ago, I never forgot the aroma as it was so different and this is like an updated version which will help make new memories.  The blend is so unique, there are sweet notes of coconut & tonka bean combined with fresh notes of lavender, lemon and lime, which settle in an amber base.
  • Iced Musk & Ginger (Adrenaline) – I find this aroma is perfect to kick start my day, when you wake up and feel like turning back over but you have so much that needs to be done, that’s when this fragrance steps in to give me a much needed boost.  The aroma is a mix of green, earthy notes of cypress & cedarwood, combined with a citrus edge which comes from one my favourite fragrance notes, Vetiver and finishes with a hint of musk.
  • Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla (Signature) – This fragrance is a little naughty and sexy, perfect for an evening out to attract attention to you with an air of dark mystery and once you have, that special someone will want to stay up close and personal all night.  The aroma is a mix of decadent oud wood & vanilla notes combined with coriander & black pepper, which is a beautiful and unique combination.

I can’t pick a favourite out of these fragrances, all of them I wear for different reasons, which just shows that we all feel like a different man depending on the day, situation or how we are feeling.  The packaging makes these look uber special and expensive, they even come in their own box like you would expect when selecting a fine fragrance.

If you would like to experience these scents for yourself they can be found on your local high street stores such as Superdrug and Boots, each retail at £5.99 per bottle which is fantastic value for money as I have spray these for over a month and they are still going.

At the moment Superdrug are giving an introductory offer on Lynx Advance range, including these fragrances, where you can save 1/3 off the retail price, I know I will be popping in to stock up while there are some left.

Do you use Lynx?

What is your favourite Lynx fragrance?

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