#SpaSunday with Decleor

#SpaSunday with Decleor

Hello Beauties, it’s my favourite time of the week when I have the time to give my skin a good pampering in a ritual which I call #SpaSunday.  This week I have chosen the Decleor skincare range, I will be using their Soothing Micellar Water, Life Radiance Double Radiance Scrub and Prolagene Gel.  It is important at least once a week to give your skin a thorough exfoliation or mask treatment, as these products can make a big difference to the skin and these are the “workhorse” products in any facial.

  • Step 1Soothing Micellar Water – This is an effective gentle cleanser, which contains Rose essential oil and incorporates Micellar technology, which acts like a magnet to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities.  Just pour some of this cleansing water onto cotton pads and gently wipe over the skin, keep going till the pads look like there is no more to remove.  This cleanser leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and soothed, perfect for even the most sensitive of skins and there is no need to use a toner after.
  • Step 2 – Life Radiance Double Radiance Scrub – I have tried many facial exfoliators and despite male skin being thicker, i’ve never been a fan of using one that feels overly scratchy as they just irritate my skin if used all over the face.  This scrub is a clever combination, as the manual exfoliating particles of Jojoba Beads, Madagascan Cardamon Seeds and Egyptian Luffa Fibres are suspended in beautifully moisturising gel base which is packed with essential oils of Echium, Jojoba and Saro to provide hydration and radiance to the skin.  This feels like a mini massage to the skin, Decleor have created your very own spa treatment in such a simple and effective way, which leaves my skin radiant, smooth and hydrated.
  • Step 3 – After removing the scrub with warm water, apply toner to the skin, to maintain consistency I am using the Decleor tonifying lotion on cotton pads to wipe over the skin.
  • Step 4 – Prolagene Gel – This is a multi-tasking gel, that can be used as a firming facial serum under any moisturiser or as a targeted treatment around the eyes or the neck to give a tightening effect.  I have also applied this gel to problem areas on my body to firm and tone the skin.  Today I am applying this gel all over my face and neck in a slightly thicker layer than I would normally to use as a skin firming mask.  By doing this I feel it allows the active ingredient complex L-Proline, to have a greater rejuvenating effect on my skin, as not only does my skin feel firmer, the appearance of wrinkles look smoother and any imperfections or high colour has been reduced.  If anti-ageing isn’t your main concern you can use this as a treatment mask for an oily or congested skin as this gel will give a signifficant result in calming breakouts and healing the skin to lessen the appearance.
  • Step 5 – At this point you have a choice, you can remove the excess of the prolagene gel from the skin or what I do is apply my night cream or balm over the top and allow the ingredients to work overnight.

If your are looking in the mirror and your skin looks dull, lacking energy or has just seen better days then I would reach for this trio of targeted solutions from Decleor.  Using the Micellar Water and Prolagene Gel on a daily basis will improve the look and feel of the skin, but once a week as an extra treat use the Double Radiance Scrub to dramatically improve your skin’s appearance.

You can purchase each of these products direct from the Decleor website, they retail at £22 for the Micellar Water 200ml, £28.50 for the Life Radiance – Double Radiance Scrub 50ml, whilst the Prolagene Gel 150ml is £37.00.

Most of these can also be purchased from QVCUK, where there are special deals for a 400ml of the Micellar Water and Prolagene gel if you would like to invest in a larger size.  Regardless of which size you choose, using these products in a weekly treatment will last many months, each treatment is only costing you a couple of pounds to see a difference you would pay a lot more for in a salon facial.

Have you tried any of the Decleor range before?

Do you use any form of exfoliation or treatment masks at the moment?

Please comment below and let me know.

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