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Superfood For The Nails  | Nails Inc

Hello Beauties, it’s the start of a new week, the sun is shining and it looks like Spring might finally be here.  One of the biggest tips I can give you at this time of year is hydration, hydration, hydration.  This applies to the skin on all parts of the body, especially the hands.  It is easy to forget how much we do with our hands on a daily basis that can affect the look and feel of the skin and nails.  I don’t wash my face up to ten times a day and then not put a moisturiser on, so why would I do this with my hands?

I have recently been using a new hand and nail oil from Nails Inc, which contains a beautiful blend of moisturising superfood oils to ensure the health of the nail and cuticle is well maintained.  This Superfood Repair Oil is 100% natural and is enriched with Sweet Almond, Argan and Rose Hip Oils which are known for their powerful moisturising properties and antioxidant benefits.

This golden elixir comes with a dropper built into the cap which makes application super easy and convenient, especially if you have just painted your nails to avoid any smudging.  The texture of the oil is superfine which instantly hydrates the skin, with no oily or sticky residue.  The fragrance is subtle, which suits me as I want my hands and nails to look hydrated, without a highly fragranced aroma that is noticeable.

I have been using this repair oil morning and evening for the past couple of weeks and I have genuinely noticed a difference in the colour, hydration and texture of my hands.  I no longer have any dry flaky patches around my cuticles, which can be painful when caught on a piece of clothing and the overall appearance looks well groomed and maintained.

This repair oil comes in a beautifully presented glass bottle and retails at £15 for a 14ml size which is available direct from the Nails Inc website.

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