Summer’s Coming Time For A Cocktail

Summer’s Coming Time For A Cocktail

Hello Beauties, I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather today, it really feels like Summer is on it’s way.  I enjoy the warm sunny days, sitting outside in the garden, relaxing with a cocktail or two after a busy day.  Now the temperatures haven’t quite reached that point yet but I have discovered a way of experiencing that Summer cocktail feeling, as one of my favourite candle company’s Kiss Air Candles have a range of cocktail candles.

If you are new to this range, these candles are made in the UK with natural soybean (Vegetable) wax which they have won many awards for and have been featured in many publications for the quality of their candles.

I have chosen their Pina Colada and Frozen Margarita candles as these are my favourite cocktails to drink.  Like the Gin & Tonic candle, from the moment I lifted the lids I was transported to a sunny day, sitting in the garden with no cares in the world, sipping on my cocktail.

The Pina Colada candle has a beautiful fruity aroma, which you immediately get a hit of fresh pineapples, blending with a creamy coconut base, just like the drink, which is gorgeous.  This candle is suitable for all times of day as the citrus notes aren’t too overpowering for an evening burn, the aroma is smooth, fresh and comforting.

The Frozen Margarita candle has a bold citrus aroma, combining essential oils of lime and mandarin, blended with brown sugar, vanilla rum and musk notes.  You can even smell the sea salt which is traditionally rubbed around the neck of the cocktail glass, which further enhances the true experience of this candle, I just want to dive in.  For me this candle works best when you need a pick me up, which could be first thing in the morning to invigorate you for the day or after a long day to enliven the senses for a night of partying.

Both of these candles are simply gorgeous and I adore the modern, bright metallic tins which have a burn time of up to 25 hours each, it is important that you trim your wick to achieve the best burn and fragrance throw from any candle.  These cocktail candles retail at £8.50 each and are available from the Kiss Air Candle website.

Each time I experience a new candle from this range I am continually impressed by the realistic aroma and clean burn I recieve, there is no black smoke or wax wasted and they offer incredible value for money.

Have you used any of the Kiss Air Candles range before?

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