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The Full Monty  |  Magnitone

Hello Beauties, what a wonderful and glorious sunny day it is to start the week off on a positive note.  I want to go back to basics today as you can never underestimate the power of cleansing, it can have the most dramatic effect on your skin and a lot of skincare issues can be overcome by throughly cleaning your skin morning and evening.  I know most of you will say the reason you don’t throughly cleanse or cleanse for long enough is that you simply don’t have the time.  What if I said, all you need is 60 seconds morning and evening to give your skin the ultimate workout, by cleansing, toning, exfoliating and buffing the skin in one step?

Magnitone is a British company, created by two guys, David & Asher, who wanted to create a brand that harmonised beauty technology and healthy well being into everyday products that you don’t need to have a degree in engineering to use or a scientist to measure the results.  Magnitone’s latest creation is the “The Full Monty” which is a five mode Vibra-Sonic total skincare, face and body multi-brush all in one stylish, high-tech device.  The Full Monty comes with a wireless usb charging dock and three brush heads, one to cleanse the face, one to cleanse and exfoliate the body and a pedi-buff head for the hard skin on the feet.

I want to explain more about the Vibra-Sonic technology, it is a combination of sonic oscillations & electromagnetic vibrations, think of a sonic electric toothbrush for the face but even better.  This duo skin-friendly concept is designed to wobble out the impurities, which even the best of trained hands can’t go and boost the skin’s micro circulation.

I have been using “The Full Monty” for the past month and i’ve noticed such a big change in how my skin looks and feels.  The changes began after the first use of this facial cleansing brush, my skin felt super clean and had a baby like softness and bloom to the appearance.  When i say super clean I don’t mean tight, dry or stripped, I mean freshly cleansed as though i’d had a facial and had used multiple products to create this effect.  As this is totally waterproof I tend to use this the most in the shower.  The best thing is you don’t need to alter your cleansing products as “The Full Monty” adapts to your own needs.  I have used various cleansers I luv, such as the Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish, Decleor Micellar Cleansing Oil, Aurelia Miracle Cleanser and the Elemis Men’s Deep Cleanse Wash with this device and it has increased the efficiency and results of all of these wonderful products.  What I didn’t expect was that it has also had a firming and lifting effect, my jawline has greater definition and overall my skin looks and feels firmer.  It has also increased the effectiveness of all of my serums and moisturisers, they just sink into the skin and i’ve noticed the hydration in my skin has increased.

If that’s not enough “The Full Monty” still has more benefits to deliver.  I’ve found the body exfoliation brush head works fantastic at unclogging the pores and evening out the skin texture on the tops of my arms and shoulders, which are areas where I am prone to bumpy, congested skin.  It’s also great to use on the underarm area to break down the sweat and bacteria after a workout.  Whilst the pedi-brush has transformed the soles of my feet.  I used to go for pedicures quite regularly as the soles of my feet quickly become hard and rough from all the running I do to keep fit, but since it has been such a long time since I had a proper pedicure, I decided to use this brush head a couple of times a week to begin with to see if it could give me similar results.  I am pleased to say that the skin on my feet is nearly as soft as the skin on my face, I am blown away at the change I have seen and now use it once a week to maintain the results.

Overall I am more than impressed by “The Full Monty” it really does everything you could want it to and more.  Even if I were to just use this Vibra-Sonic cleansing brush on my face I would happily purchase this for myself, as for these benefits alone it is worth the money.  If you would like to experience everything “The Full Monty” has to offer then you can purchase this multi-functional machine direct from the Magnitone website, which retails at £130.

However at the moment you can purchase this at a discounted price from the number one shopping channel QVCUK, where it is currently on offer for £93 and available on two EZ payments, make sure you get in quick as i’m unsure how long this will be in stock for.

Have you tried any of the Magnitone products before?

Do you use a cleansing brush or pedicure file at the moment?

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