#NewLaunch – Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water & Hydra Boost Sensitive Day Cream

Hello Beauties

I want to share with you two of the latest launches from one of my favourite brands, Elemis.  I have been a big fan of using Elemis products for over twenty years now and I am always impressed how they continue to combine the best of beauty and science with new innovative launches.

  • Smart Cleanse Micellar Water  200ml £24 – This clarifying micellar water effectively removes make-up and the daily build-up of skin pollutants to reveal a clear, radiant complexion.  Cleansing micelles, attracting both water and oil-based grime are enhanced with a complex of natural surfactants derived from Apple amino acids, Rosehip Seed oil and Indian Soapnut to lift impurities from the skin.  Infused with organic English Rose water and soothing anti-oxidant rich Chamomile, skin is gently cleansed, whilst the natural moisture barrier is maintained. Reveal a clear, radiant complexion.
  • Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream 50ml £39 – This calming, anti-oxidant rich, fragrance-free day cream provides vital hydration to comfort sensitive skin.  Hyaluronic Acid locks in essential moisture, whilst extracts of Mirabilis Jalapa and Orange Blossom milk ensure skin is soothed, moisturised and comforted.

I am very pleased to see that Elemis have created a Micellar water as this technology is so good at deep down cleansing the skin, without being harsh or abrasive and to combine this with a new sensitive day cream, is a perfect combination.  I’m sure you have heard me mention that I do have quite a sensitive skin so I am keen to try both of these new launches.

The Micellar water will also be featuring in the July TSV, more info can be found HERE.

Have you tried any of Elemis skincare range before?

Do you have a sensitive skin type?

Have you tried Micellar cleansing before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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7 thoughts on “#NewLaunch – Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water & Hydra Boost Sensitive Day Cream

  1. I do not have sensitive skin. I like water micellar Bioderma I used Garnier and now Yves Rocher.
    I have not tried anything from Elemis.

  2. I too have a very sensitive skin,I’ve only tried an Elemis Body Scrub and I have to say it really was rather wonderful.It left my skin lovely and smooth and it had the most gorgeous scent to it .I’ll be sure to check out QVC as they often have Elemis at a fraction of the retail price.Thank you for your comprehensive review,I really enjoyed it x

  3. I love your blog but usually prefer Facebook or Instagram to follow. I decided to take a look after seeing one of your competition posts and I’m not disappointed. I love Elemis. I don’t have sensitive skin as such but I am very probe to breakouts so may see how I get on with this!! xx

  4. I also have sensitive skin so I am looking forward to trying the new Elemis products. I am an avid Elemis user so I will also,be purchasing the July TSV – can’t wait 😃 X

  5. I have never tried Micellar water and only used Elemis products when I have had a facial at a spa but they seem very good and would love a go with the Micellar water.

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