My Journey – The Body Shop

My Journey – The Body Shop

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I want to tell you a story, I remember from a very early age going to town with my family and we would often visit a shop that had the most wonderful aroma and my sister was very fond of the products from this shop, in particular items that had a scent of musk.  Many years later when I was old enough to realise, the shop that we had been visiting was The Body Shop.  I began to notice it more of television programmes being referenced how a woman called Anita Roddick had created this wonderful beauty store and that she believed in ethically sourced natural ingredients to make a positive change in the world, whilst indulging your skin and body in this wonderful formulations.

I have tried products from The Body Shop before and have particularly enjoyed using their Almond Body Butter.  However I have recently discovered some of their exciting new makeup products and decided to give them a try.  For me, makeup shouldn’t be confined to a gender, I think men can and do look better with a bit of subtle help from using a foundation, concealer or bronzer, to enhance their natural beauty.

The products I have been using are their Fresh Nude Foundation in “Kyoto Blossom” & “Hawaii Macadamia” and their revolutionary Shade Adjusting Drops, which I think is such a fantastic innovation, as I am not the same skin shade all year round.

  • Fresh Nude Foundation £15 – I have rarely used a liquid foundation, as I have found them to be heavy or greasy on the skin, making it obvious that I am wearing makeup and doesn’t feel nice on the skin.  However this nude foundation feels light and is easy to apply to the skin, it feels like a light hydrating cream with colour pigments and is infused with English rose water and aloe vera, to give 24hr moisture to the skin.  There is also sun protection of SPF15 combined in this formula which gives added protection to the skin.  It’s also Paraben Free and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.  I like that this foundation gives a sheer to medium, semi-matte coverage, which enhances my appearance without looking made up or obvious, i’ve found it adapts to my skin and doesn’t change shade over the day.  I am currently using the “Kyoto Blossom” most days and will move onto the “Hawaii Macadamia” when I have more of a tan later in the Summer.  This is brilliant value at £15, I have been using it almost everyday for the past month and there is still plenty left.
  • Shade Adjusting Drops £10 – These drops come in a choice of “Lightening” or “Darkening” and are designed for those moments when your foundation is either looking too dark or orange, or too light and ashy on the skin.  Now you may be thinking I already have two foundations for when my skin is either lighter or darker so why would I need to use these too? Well even with the best foundations there are days where we are either feeling a under the weather so we have less colour than usual or caught a little bit more of a tan than we wanted.  This is where I have found these drops have come into their own.  Each drop is designed to alter either the Nude Foundation or your regular favourite liquid foundation by 1/2 a shade.  I wouldn’t suggest using more than three drops to alter your foundation colour,  as these have been designed to give a bespoke shade, which is either slightly darker or lighter than your usual shade.  Not to turn a very dark foundation into a light one or vice versa.  I think these Shade Adjusting Drops are a fantastic innovation and allows me to customise my perfect shade on a daily basis if necessary.  It’s quite a simple idea, but usually as it is in this case, they are the most effective.  I have also found these drops work fantastic at “strobing” or contouring by applying the lighter drops where you want to highlight and the darker where you require more shape and contour.  These drops come in a 15ml glass dropper bottle and are £10 each, which has saved me spending a lot more and wasting foundations.

You can purchase all of these products from The Body Shop website or they are available in your local high street store.  I am very impressed by these products and i’ll admit a little surprised how well these apply to the skin, given that they are very affordable to purchase.  They are perfect for anyone who likes more of a nude look to the skin and is suitable for all ages.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop’s makeup range before?

How many foundations do you currently use?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Jean Vaughan
    7th June 2016 / 12:08 pm

    What memories this article brought back. My sister and I used to go off into Leicester and think we were incredibly daring walking into Body Shop and trying some of their sample products. Little did we know that decades later we would be passing on Anita’s words of wisdom to our children and grandchildren.I have stacks of Body Shop products and use the body butter daily, my son is a great advocate of the men’s lines too. Not having tried the make-up you reviewed I found your comments most enlightening and will be on the scout next time I visit. Thank you for such detail.

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