Yankee Candle 39 Piece Warm Summer Nights TSV Hamper on QVCUK 4th July 2016

Yankee Candle 39 Piece Warm Summer Nights TSV Hamper on QVCUK 4th July 2016

Hello Beauties

I am so excited to share this information with you, on the 4th July Yankee Candle will be having an amazing hamper TSV on QVCUK.

This hamper is packed full of wonderful fragrances, brand new for the Summer season and would cost over £43 if purchased from the Yankee Candle website, without including any cost for the hamper, which is fantastic value and the opportunity to go for the Auto Delivery too is amazing.

Item 705910 – Yankee Candle 39 Piece Warm Summer Nights Hamper £29.98 available on Auto Delivery


  • 2 x Sunset Breeze Votives
  • 2 x My Serenity Votives
  • 2 x Passion Fruit Martini Votives
  • 2 x Moonlight Votives
  • 2 x Flowers In The Sun Votives
  • 2 x Dreamy Summer Nights Votives
  • 1 Box of Flowers In The Sun T Lights
  • 1 Box of Passion Fruit Martini T Lights
  • 2 x Purple Votive Holders
  • 1 x Hamper

I am especially excited to try the Flowers In The Sun and Passion Fruit Martini fragrances from this collection, they sound amazing.

Here are the images and info for the Auto Delivery drops:

Harvest Time hamper (September delivery) contains: 2nd Drop

  • 2 x Sweet Apple votives (98g) – the sharp and sweet scent of an apple dessert
  • 2 x Cranberry Pear votives (98g) – fresh pears drizzled with decadent cranberry soap
  • 2 x Rhubarb Crumble votives (98g) – warm flavours of tangy rhubarb with brown sugar and vanilla
  • 2 x Honey Clementine votives (98g) – refreshing orange  with sweet overtones
  • 12 x Honey Clementine tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x Ebony and Oak votives (98g) – woody oak, pine and ebony make an elegant forest fragrance
  • 2 x Autumn Night votives (98g) – a wonderful medley of lavender and woodland notes
  • 12 x Autumn Night tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x ruby bucket holders
  • 1 x bespoke hamper

Holiday Party hamper (November delivery) contains: 3rd Drop

  • 2 x Winter Glow votives (98g) – the crisp scent of frosted leaves
  • 2 x Red Apple Wreath votives (98g) – the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple
  • 2 x Star Anise and Orange votives (98g) – a juicy slice of fresh orange cooled by sweet anise
  • 2 x All is Bright votives (98g) – a blend of sparling citrus scents offset by warm musk
  • 12 x All Is Bright tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x Macaron Treats votives (98g) – with notes of vanilla, almond and, of course, sugar
  • 2 x Festive Cocktails votives (98g) – a tart scent spiked with mountain berries and a spring of fresh-snipped pine
  • 12 x Festive Cocktail tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x emerald bucket holders
  • 1 x bespoke hamper

Spring hamper (January delivery) contains: 4th Drop

  • 2 x Linden Tree votives (98g) – a fresh and green scent
  • 2 x Shea Butter votives (98g) – a creamy smooth scent with hints of fruit blossom
  • 2 x Aloe Water votives (98g) – a soothing and fresh scent
  • 2 x Cherry Blossom votives (98g) – the aroma of fresh spring blooms
  • 12 x Cherry Blossom tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x Verbena votives (98g) – flowering verbena matched with citrus and creamy vanilla
  • 2 x Wild Mint votives (98g) – the scent of just-picked mint leaves, crisp and cool
  • 12 x Wild Mint tea-lights (118g)
  • 2 x clear bucket holders
  • 1 x bespoke hamper

I hope that you can tune in on the 4th July to see more of this collection with the lovely Steven Corfield and Rosa Speyer, also you never know what else they have up their sleeve, maybe some large jars to go with this TSV?

Are you a fan of Yankee Candle?

What is your Desert Island candle fragrance?

Please comment below and let me know.

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