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Professional Makeup Artistry  |  Nanshy

Hello Beauties

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you are feeling motivated for the week ahead.  One thing I like to do on a weekend is have a good clean and sort, this includes washing and organising my makeup brushes.  I have spoken to so many people who can’t remember the last time they cleaned their makeup brushes which is something I would reccomend to do at least once a week, not only to keep them hygienic but to look after these essential tools.

I have recently been trying some new antibacterial synthetic makeup brushes from Nanshy, who have created a range of makeup brushes and tools, that are 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and approved by PETA.  I have come to realise that while it’s important to choose good quality makeup that is right for your skin, the tools to apply it are just as important.  A good brush will allow you to be your own makeup artist and truly get the most from your makeup and a great makeup brush will give even beginner makeup wearers the confidence to experiment and try new looks.

As a guy who does wear makeup the most important trick i’ve learned to look natural, appearing well groomed and not made up is all down to the brushes you use.  The key factor for me is blending and the best tools will make this easy to achieve.

I decided to switch from my usual makeup brushes and I have been using the Nanshy Gobsmack Glamorous brush collection for the past couple of weeks.  These brushes have a high end, makeup artistry look and I adore the elegant black onyx design, which not only look good but make them easy to hold and they aren’t so heavy that your arm hurts by the time you are finished your face.

The Gobsmack Glamorous makeup brush collection, comes with a set of five brushes:

  • Flawless Foundation – I find this brush works best with my liquid of serum foundations due to the flat shaped head to the bristles.  I always start from the middle of the face and blend out to ears and this brush allows for seamless application.
  • Buffed Base – I use this brush to apply my mineral and baked powder foundations as domed head, picks up the powder effortlessly for even application to the entire face.
  • Blush & Bronze – I use this to apply my bronzing powder as the soft angled head gives a buffed application for a natural looking contoured effect.
  • Conceal Perfector – This is the brush I was most surprised by, as my usual concealer brush is very small and flat so to use one that was domed and fluffy was new to me.  The domed shape allows me to conceal a lot more evenly and effectively, I find it diffuses the look of dark circles effortlessly and is great for larger areas that need that extra bit of coverage.
  • Angled Airbrush – If you want a more sculpted strobing effect then I use this brush for my bronzer, but I find the main use for this is to apply highlighter and zero shine finishing powders, to set my face and give an airbrushed effect all over.

Overall these makeup brushes are the essential tools to have in anyone’s makeup application routine, they have allowed me to grow in confidence and experiment with new application techniques and allowed me to create a smooth, air-brush like effect on the skin.  The bristles are super soft, it feels like they are floating over the skin and never experienced any bristle loss.

If you would like to try this collection for yourself and experience the difference that they high quality can make to your makeup application, then these can be purchase direct from the Nanshy website and retail at £34.95 for the entire collection.  I would be happy to pay a lot more as the quality of these brushes are outstanding for this price.  I have personally paid over £20 for one brush in the past which isn’t as good as these.  I hope to try more from this wonderful range and add to my makeup brush collection.

Have you tired the Nanshy makeup brush collection before?

How often do you clean you makeup brushes?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. 5th July 2016 / 3:55 pm

    Fantastic brushes, these are absolutely amazing. Thank you for the information

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