“Guest Blog” – #BeautyHasNoAge by Maleka Dattu from Merumaya

“Guest Blog” – #BeautyHasNoAge by Maleka Dattu from Merumaya

Why are we all trying so hard to look like everyone else, when we were born to be unique? Why are we Anti-ageing rather than pro Youthful Ageing?  Why do women often feel judged so harshly, or invisible/unheard as they age? Why do we set ourselves impossible image goals, only to feel bad about ourselves?

These are some of the questions the #beautyhasnoage mission is trying to address. To positively unite women (and men) to feel more confident in their unique beauty.

I think we underestimate the deep-reaching effects of not feeling confident about our beauty.  It causes so many issues with self-esteem, that can lead to lack of confidence, vulnerability to violence, poor choices in life partners, career, isolation and even depression.

#beautyhasnoage is inclusive of all women from teens to 90’s.  It supports the positive goal of Youthful Ageing rather than the negative message of Anti-ageing.  Although your face and unique beauty is a part of that goal, it is also to do with how you engage in life, how much you laugh, love, dance, learn etc.  It is about making informed skincare choices, towards brands that under-promise and over-deliver.  Intelligently selecting effective skincare products that deliver evidence-based performance, so you retain a youthful looking skin throughout your life. Iconic Youth Serum delivers on that. It’s never too early or too late to begin the process of preventing further skin ageing.

And once you have cared for your skin, it’s about looking in the mirror, giving yourself a nod of approval, then getting out there and living that life to the full. That is where our beauty becomes multi-dimensional – our joy, our experiences.  Look at these images of Cher. Her beauty only gets fuller and better.  Look closely – it is in the eyes, not about any invasive treatments. With every passing decade, her eyes show more confidence, experience and tolerance.  It’s so sexy.

I only know that I have been hugely self-critical my whole life and yet each 5-10 years when I look back at old photographs, I always think ‘why was I so hard on myself? I wish I was as slim as that now, or I wish my skin was as plump as that now”.  What a monumental waste of time and life – not enjoying every moment because I was not ‘beautiful’ enough.  I don’t want my child to have those same insecurities.

If that resonates with you and you want your daughters and future generations of women to feel more confident, beautiful, accomplished, liberated and happier much earlier in life, we need to take action.  More than a knowing smile or nod of encouragement. I am calling upon you to please take some action in any or all of the following ways:

  • Use the #beautyhasnoage hashtag on your social platforms
  • Send us a photo holding a #beautyhasnoage placard
  • Make a 30-60 second video (on your phone is fine), telling us what #beautyhasnoage means to you. Here is an example from a customer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xib7jF3FxM
  • Use the lusted-after #beautyhasnoage makeup pouch. Only available at merumaya.com either FREE as a gift with purchase or a straight £20. A completely un-deducted, FULL £5 from every bag will go to the charity Look Good Feel Better.  I will pick up the cost of VAT, tax, Admin etc.
  • Ask all your friends to join in too. We make change together.

Send photos and videos to info@merumaya.com and we will include them in the #beautyhasnoage gallery on our website www.merumaya.com

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  1. Heather Cain
    9th July 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Beauty is lovely to look at but sometimes the person is not beautiful inside. Sometimes a person is not considered beautiful and yet they are a wonderful loving, kind and happy person and that can shine through to people who are receptive to that. We are judged too much on what we look like, how slim we are, how we are dressed. And yet I know more than others how much it hurts to not be a beautiful person on the outside, to think that if I had been beautiful, I may have had a better life, had nicer things happen to me. I am very grateful for what I have don’t get me wrong, but everything I have has been very hard to come by, I have had to work hard at being a funny, happy person so that people like me for who I am and not what I look like. I dress nicely and have always been complimented on it – but I know I am complimented on because of my size (20). You can almost hear the “for your size” at the end of any compliment. I became much more confident at 40, could see more looks (albeit from older) men, and I don’t worry so much what I look like now. My skin has aged really well, I don’t have many wrinkles on my face, perhaps because its always been covered in makeup to cover up my red face and small eyes. When I was ill two years ago, I lost 3 stone in weight and the amount of people that said I looked good was amazing but inside I was screaming “I would rather be fat and healthy, than thin and ill”. My daughter is lucky, she hasn’t got my feelings of hate for herself, she is quite confident in herself. I am very glad of this.

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