Elemis 6 Piece Skin Rituals TSV on QVCUK 24th July 2016

Elemis 6 Piece Skin Rituals TSV on QVCUK 24th July 2016

Hello Beauties

I hope you are all having a lovely day so far, it looks like the sun may make an appearance today afterall.  In some ways it seems just like yesterday that I visited the #QVCBeautyBash but it was really six months ago, I don’t know where the time has gone.

But it is only a couple of weeks now till the next TSV from Elemis, I have been excited about this collection ever since January as it will include the brand new launch of the Smart Cleanse Micellar Water.  I am a big fan of Micellar cleansing as it’s a very gentle, yet effective way to cleanse the skin.  There will also be a further five pieces in this collection, including another new launch of the Sweet Orchid Monoi Body Oil, this aroma was first showcased in the Christmas 2015 TSV and I was #TeamSweetOrchid all the way.

I’m pleased to say that all of the products in this collection are free from Parabens and SLS ingredients.

Item 218616 – Elemis 6 Piece Top to Toe Skin Rituals Collection £58.96 on 4 EZ Payments RRP £170


  • Smart Cleanse Micellar Water 200ml – This is the latest edition to the Elemis cleansing family is that has been developed to meet the needs of modern living.  With their being so many technological advances in long wear foundations and once a day SPF’s, it is important to make sure you thoroughly cleanse the skin.  This cleanser combines the latest Micellar technologies which acts like a magnet to remove all traces dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin.  If like me you’re a little time poor and some days there just doesn’t seem to be the time, then I would suggest you give this new cleansing water a try.  “This Smart Cleanse Micellar Water has been a lifesaver for me as when I was ill a couple of weeks ago, as I didn’t have the energy or strength to do a long beauty routine.  I found using a couple of pumps of this fluid onto cotton wool pads, wiped over the facial area, effectively removed all the dirt, sweat and grime, leaving my skin feeling clean, hydrated and soothed.”  It has a gorgeous aroma combining rose and chamomile into a unique blended experience.  This is even safe to use on the eye area as it has been ophthalmologist tested, so no need for a separate eye makeup remover.  You can also use this as part of a double cleansing routine as you could use the micellar water first then something like the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, Biotec Cleanser or Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser after to give the skin a thorough cleansing treatment.
  • Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm 105g – As soon as I opened the lid of this cleansing balm I was greeted with an aromatic fresh floral aroma, a distinctive fragrance combination of Mimosa, Lavender with a hint of Mint.  I used about the size of 2p piece which I warmed into the palms of my hands and applied to my dry face in circular massaging movements.  I noticed the texture of this cleansing balm allowed me to massage this cleanser on my face for a longer period of time then I would normally, which is beneficial to the skin to improve texture and tone.  I removed the cleansing balm with a warm cloth.  “I noticed my skin felt hydrated, plump and deeply cleansed, it had removed all traces of foundation, dirt and grime from my face, leaving my skin smooth and radiant, as if I had used two or three products or had a spa facial.”  As each day passes using this cleansing balm, the texture of my skin has greatly improved and looks more radiant in appearance.  I have a top tip. if you apply this balm before you have a bath and then leave it on till you’re just about to get out and then remove, as the steam in the bathroom allows this balm to work deeper into the skin, the results are amazing.
  • Pro Collagen Marine Cream in Original or Ultra Rich 30ml – Over the years I have tried many different creams from various brands, which I believe is important to find out which suits your own skin as we are all unique.  Around seven years ago I decided to try the Pro Collagen Marine Cream again as none of the other creams I had tried since had worked so effectively on smoothing out my fine lines and wrinkles, since then I have never been without this miracle cream.  “There is nothing quite like the Pro Collagen Marine Cream, the natural aroma, the gel-cream texture, the ability to hydrate and plump the skin and above all the line erasing results that I have seen on my skin are truly outstanding. “  I would never want to be without the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine cream, it has made it onto my list of Desert Island Products that I simply cannot be without, I am sure if you try it you will feel the same way.  If I am in a rush or to be honest being a little lazy I use the Pro Collagen Marine cream as a face, neck and eye cream, there is no other anti-ageing product that I have been able to use in such a multi functional way and still be effective.  You can choose between the Original or Ultra Rich, I prefer the original as I have a combination skin and this version provides me just the right amount of hydration, if you have a drier skin I would suggest opting for the ultra rich version.
  • Papaya Enzyme Peel 50ml – I adore this skin smoothing exfoliator, I have used many tubes of this over the years, right from when I had bad acne skin as a teenager, right through to the present day.  This smooth enzymatic cream, has the most divine aroma which comes from the natural fruit enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple, to gently nibble away at your dead skin cells.  I know the word peel can sound scary, but don’t be worried as this is so kind to the skin and doesn’t contain any particles that can irritate or exacerbate even oily skin types.  It also has a natural cut off point, so if you forget to remove after 10 or 15 minutes, the enzyme activity will decrease as to not damage the skin.  I reccomend using twice a week, after you have cleansed the skin and ideally before applying a treatment mask, I like to use the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm in a thicker layer after exfoliating to gorge my skin with the hydrating essential oils.  “Everytime I use this exfoliator my skin has a glass like smoothness, all of my pores look smaller and the lumps and bumps under the skin are either less noticeable or melt away.”  My top tip is if you have an uneven skin texture on the top of the arms, apply a thin layer of this before you cleanse your body or for a more potent treatment mix a little with your body moisturiser and apply to any problem areas and you will see a smoother more radiant skin texture.
  • Sweet Orchid Shower Cream 200ml – When it comes to cleansing my body I always like to choose products which will moisturise the skin as so many can overly strip the skin or soon as I step out of the bathroom i’m on the hunt for a moisturiser.  You will not find that with Elemis and when they say this is a shower cream it truly is.  This is most beautifully rich decadent creamy showering experience I have ever had and the aroma is divine.  “The expert blend of Oriental Orchid, aromatic Santalum and Sweet Vanilla which is combined with the fresh and fruity notes of Honeysuckle and Lemon, give a sweet citrus edge, that is an opulent delight to the senses.”  I always use a shower puff and I found I only need about the size of a 50p piece to lather up and cleanse my entire body, cocooning the skin with intense moisture as though you were on far away shore, the exotic flowers fragrancing the air while you luxuriate.  After showering that my skin felt super soft and hydrated, like I had used a very mild enzymatic exfoliator combined with a body serum, when in fact I had just used this shower cream.  I feel as though I am wrapped in a luxurious cashmere blanket, so calm and comforted.
  • Sweet Orchid Monoi Body Oil 35ml – I am a big fan of using oils in my beauty routine, as they have a natural affinity with the skin which allows them to be readily accepted for deep down hydration.  This monoi oil starts off as a solid oil, which transforms into a liquid texture once warmed, to do this I usually sit the bottle in a some warm water for a couple of minutes.  This has the same gorgeous aromatic aroma as the shower cream and by layering the two together allows me to intensify the scent.  When this fragrance launched last year in the November TSV, I was always #TeamSweetOrchid which has now been solidified by this addition.  “This oil melts into the skin providing deeply nourishing hydration, perfect for this time of year to look after your skin throughout the Summer months.”  This is such a multitasking product as I have decanted some of the oil into small travel pots when liquid and once it solidifies, i’ve found it’s perfect to use as a lip balm and cuticle oil.

If you purchased all of these products separately from the Elemis website it would cost you £170 without any price on the monoi body oil or the beauty bag.

This fantastic collection comes with a beautiful cosmetics bag which is suitable for skincare, body products or makeup, as it has a clear section at the front so you can instantly see all your products at a glance and fits perfectly into my man bag.

elemis TSV Bag

This collection is perfect if you want to double cleansing revolution which is in vogue right now, as you could use the micellar water first then the cleansing balm after to give the skin a thorough cleansing treatment.

I hope that you can join the lovely Keeley Aydin at midnight on the 24th July to find out more hints and tips about this collection.  I suggest you grab more than one of these collections, especially if you adore the Sweet Orchid aroma as it won’t be in any other TSV collections this year.

All of these products come with a three year shelf life unopened and six months once opened.

Are you a fan of Elemis products?

What is your Desert Island Elemis product?

Have you tried Micellar Cleansing?

Please comment below and let me know

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  1. claire blaney
    7th July 2016 / 6:37 pm

    elemis is one of my favourite brands, I love there products, great post too

  2. Brenda Disimone
    19th July 2016 / 3:10 am

    i love the name of the scents and the design of the line

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