21st Century Sleep Mask by Occles

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I hope you are all having a lovely day in this #Heatwave we are having, I hope you are staying hydrated and protected.  As most of you know I am passionate about using SPF on my face and body all year round to protect my skin from the sun’s damaging UVA & UVB rays.  Whilst I don’t like to sunbathe I realise that many of you do, so I want to share with you a new innovation I have discovered from Occles, which has been heralded by CNN as the hottest new accessory for the traveller this year.

Inspiration came when the founders of this brand, Scottish entrepreneurs Lynn and Hugh were lying on a beach in Greece, unable to sleep and relax due to the bright sunlight penetrating their eyes, even through their sunglasses.  After trying many alternatives, they came up with the Occles Travel Eyewear, which provides a total blackout and protects your eyes anytime from light pollution, harmful UV and sunlight damage. Enabling complete rest for the eyes and have been CE Accredited for UV protection.

Over the last couple of years I have developed a mild form of hay fever and I find strong sunlight to be a trigger for me, even though I don’t sit out in the sun.  One of the best solutions for me is to lay down in the dark and close my eyes, but no matter if I close my blinds or curtains, sunlight always manages to get through, so I wanted to give these a try to see if they could make a difference.

The great thing about these Occles is they are made from a light durable material which is adjustable to fit perfectly on my face, I can hardly feel that I am wearing them.  They do give a total blackout and my eyes feel totally relaxed like I have never felt before.  The unique design means there is no bridge between the eye pieces so if you are tanning, then tan lines are minimised by this.

I think these are perfect if like me you suffer my hay fever or you want to protect your eyes whilst tanning.  They are also a great solution for shift workers who have to try and sleep during the day or perhaps you like to take a siesta on your holidays , these will block out all the sunlight and allow you to rest.

If you would like to try this unique eyewear innovation then they can be purchased direct from Amazon and retail at £22 per pair, they come in a choice of three colours, I chose the Aqua as they are perfect for this time of year as a pop of colour for the Summer season.

Do you suffer from Migraines or Hay Fever?

Are you a shift worker?

Please comment below and let me know

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