SBC 3 Piece Body & Bath Heros TSV on QVCUK 2nd August 2016

Hello Beauties

I always look forward to SBC TSV launch on QVCUK, as I know it will be an amazing value collection.  I’m so excited to share with you the news that SBC will be launching their latest TSV on the 2nd August 2016 and there will be a choice of either Collagen or Propolis.  I love both of these collections for different reasons.

If you are new to SBC then you can click HERE to check out all of my previous reviews of this wonderful products.

The Collagen range was the first anti-ageing range that I tried more than 20 years ago and I still use the Collagen Skincare Gel on a daily basis and weekly as a mask treatment.  The Collagen Shower Creme has the beautiful passion flower extract and kukui nut oils which deeply moisturise the skin whilst cleansing and to give the skin an extra treat follow up with the Body Butter which just melts into the skin.

However the Propolis range is what I have come to rely on as a problem solver, due to it’s antibacterial properties.  I use the Propolis Shower Gel everyday to cleanse my body, as I have quite a reactive skin that can flare up and i’ve found by using this on a daily basis I rarely, if ever have any skin irritations and is perfect to use after a workout or playing sports.  I use the Propolis Skincare Gel in many ways and has been a real lifesaver, whether after shaving to calm, soothe and protect the skin or massaged into my scalp to ease any irritation which can happen when i’m stressed to dry cracked skin around the mouth or on my feet, this works wonders for me.  I have yet to try the Honey Body Butter, but I adore the Honey Shower Cremes that I’ve tried, the aroma is wonderfully comforting and just melts into the skin for instant hydration.

Item 217257 – SBC 3 Piece Body & Bath Heros Collection £27.98 (RRP Collagen £89 & Propolis £125) On Auto Delivery


  • 1000ml Collagen Shower Creme
  • 500ml Collagen Skincare Gel
  • 450ml Collagen Body Butter


  • 1000ml Propolis Shower Gel
  • 500ml Propolis Skincare Gel
  • 450ml Honey Body Butter

This could be a perfect his & hers collection that will last many, many months of daily cleansing and moisturising for the entire face and body.

I hope you can join the wonderful Adele O’Donoghue at midnight on QVCUK for the launch of these wonderful collections.

Are you a fan of the SBC range?

What is your Desert Island SBC product and why?

Please comment below and let me know

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