DHA Free – Alternative Self Tan Duo | Hylamide & Hand Chemistry

DHA Free – Alternative Self Tan Duo | Hylamide & Hand Chemistry

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I am beginning to wonder where the Summer has gone?  The last couple of weeks have been pretty dull, temperatures have dropped and quite a few rain spells.  Luckily I have been using two new products one for the face and the other for the body to give me skin a golden glow.  Both of which are DHA free.  If you are unfamiliar how DHA works it’s a colourless chemical which is derived from glycerin which interacts with the amino acids in the skin to produce a tanned effect.  Now some people can be sensitive to this ingredient and has the drawback of inducing cell death, so it’s important to find tanning solutions which don’t contain DHA so we can all benefit from a bronzed glow.

Both of these products I would define as high tech skincare, with exclusive complexes, ingredients and delivery systems which you would expect to pay a lot more for.

First of all we have the Hylamide Booster Glow which is packed full of the latest skincare technologies and ingredients.  The main ingredient is Raspberry Keto-Sugar which reacts with the skins amino acids to produce a natural golden glow, this is partnered with Melanin Hexapeptides which further encourages the development of radiant glowing appearance.  There is also two exclusive complexes included in this formula, consisting of Oxidized Reactive Glutathione Complex, which is a superior form of the L-Glutathione amino acid which works even the appearance of skin pigmentation and a Radiance Peptide Complex which uses next generation peptide technology to create visible skin tone confusion, think of it as a natural #Instagram filter to improve your overall skin radiance.

This formula comes with a dropper to allow for precise application of this golden elixir, which has a viscous texture to allow for easy of application.  There is very little in the way of a fragrance or aroma.  I have been using 2 or 3 drops on an evening before my night cream, making sure to massage over the entire facial area and down the neck.  If you prefer you can mix this together with any other skin care creams.  After three days of applying these drops I noticed my facial skin’s appearance was visibly brighter and had a lit from within glow.  At this point I decided to go onto a maintenance course where I would apply every other night.  I am very impressed by this Booster Glow, it has fitted into my routine seamlessly and my appearance has greater radiance with a golden glow that looks so natural.

Now let’s move onto the body with the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil, this uses the same type of technology and ingredients as the booster glow for the face.  Including the Raspberry Keto-Sugar ingredient otherwise known as Erythrulose, partnered up with the Melanin Hexapeptide to increase the effectiveness of achieving a golden glow.  However this Glow Oil also contains a highly purified bio-derivative of watermelons, which helps to prevent oxidative damage caused by environmental factors, including UV exposure.  There is also tiny golden prisms which give the skin an immediate glowing appearance.

Hand Chemistry



This formula comes in a squeezable bottle which you need to shake well before use, you will notice the golden oil transform into a golden shimmering serum which took me by surprise the first time I tried this.  Then simply remove the cap, shake some into the palm of your hand and apply over the body.  I concentrated on my legs as they are the last place that seem to pick up any natural colour and as i’ve been wearing shorts a lot lately then I needed to add some colour.  The texture of this oil is very light and is instantly absorbed into the skin without any greasiness or residue, which allows clothing to be applied straight away.  After a few days of daily application, I noticed a change to the texture of my skin, it looked radiant and has given the skin a natural golden glow.  Like the facial booster I stepped down the application to a couple of times a week as a maintenance programme.




Overall both of these products are a refreshing change to the tanning market, they offer innovative formulations and ingredients to deliver a long lasting hydrated natural glow to the face and body.  As you only need a small amount I can see these lasting a good three to four months, which is a lot longer than most self tan lotions or mousses.  I will certainly be purchasing more of both of these myself.

If you would like to try either of these fantastic products for yourself they can be found on the DECIEM website, where the Hyalamide Booster Glow retails at £20 for a 30ml size and the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil retails at £20 for a 100ml size.

Have you tried any of the Hand Chemistry or Hylamide range before?

Were you aware there are tanning products without DHA?

Please comment below and let me know.

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