Do Age Defying Lasers Really Work? | Tria

Do Age Defying Lasers Really Work? | Tria

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I have been asked by many of you about using electrical devices to enhance your beauty routine.  So I carried out some research and found a fantastic anti-ageing device, the more I read about the clinical studies I knew that this was the one for me.

So for the past twelve weeks I have been using the Tria Age Defying Laser every night for eight week as part of evening beauty routine, then allowing the skin to rest for a further four weeks.  If you are unfamiliar with Tria they have been pioneering hand held laser technology since 2003.  They initially started out with the goal to transform the LightSheer machine which cost $100,000 into an easy to use at home solution that could give the same results.  Over the last 13 years Tria have been able to make this a reality and have created in home handheld laser devices that work to remove unwanted hair, treat acne and ageing on the skin.


The Age Defying Laser is is a very simple and easy to use handheld device, all you need to do is remove from the box, place it in the charging dock and plug in to charge.  There is also an instruction booklet included which I would always reccomend giving a read before use.  Once the device has charged and you turn it on it won’t start shooting the laser as it has an inbuilt sensor which activates once it is placed against your skin.  Tria have cleverly provided a facial map where they show the areas of the face in zones, which makes it easy to follow and the device beeps when it’s time to move onto the next zone.  On the top of the device there is a button which you hold down to turn it on and this also allows you to choose the intensity level.  I would always reccomend starting on level 1 and waiting at least three weeks before thinking about increasing the level, I personally didn’t increase to level 2 till after six weeks but I have quite a sensitive skin.

tria facial zones

How to use:

  • Cleanse the skin and pat dry thoroughly.
  • Turn on the Age Defying Laser & Select your desired level.
  • Place the device with the laser treatment tip against the skin, which will initiate the laser.
  • Gently move the device back and forth over the the skin, starting with zone 1.
  • Once the device beeps move onto the other zones of the face.
  • When the programme has completed the device will make a two beep noise and automatically stop the treatment.
  • After use I reccomend placing back in the charging dock ready for your next treatment.
  • Use the device once per day, morning or evening for a maximum of 8 weeks.

How It Works:

The Tria Age Defying Laser uses a non-ablative fractional laser to penetrate through the epidermis and into the dermis, where the laser creates a very small area of damage, this is due to the heat and coagulation of proteins.  As the laser penetrates deep into the lower levels of skin, it leaves the outer layer in tact so you won’t notice any visible damage on the outer surface.  Within 24 hours the skin cells from the surrounding areas, come into the damaged areas to repair the skin.  As this process occurs there is an increase in collagen production, which helps to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst giving the skin a firmer appearance and feel.  In addition the damaged cells are naturally shed from the skin within 3-7 days.  So you can imagine after eight weeks of usage the skin is working very hard to repair itself on a daily basis and working overtime to produce lots of collagen, this is why a break of four weeks is needed after treatment to see the full results.


I first began to notice a change in the texture and appearance of my skin by week three, I looked less tired, almost as though I had an inner glow that was noticeably radiant.  The fine lines on my forehead had begun to soften and I was most surprised by the increased firmness around my facial features, in particular across my cheeks and jaw line.tria before and after new (1) small

After the full 8 week course of treatment, I am more than happy to say that my skin looks incredible, it’s as though I have turned the clock back by at least 10 years.  All signs of fatigue and dullness are gone, any once visible lines or wrinkles can no longer be seen.  I am so impressed by this Age Defying Laser, as I admit I was sceptical about the results I would see, which is only natural when I have spent the last twenty years using topical treatments to look after my skin health, but sometimes, especially as i’m now hitting my mid thirties I needed something different to tackle my ageing concerns.  I think a device such as this is more important for a guy to use as we can’t get away with wearing heavy makeup or makeup trickery to improve the appearance of our ageing skin.  So to use a device that can actually make a visible difference to my appearance, means I can look in the mirror without the fear of a shocking image that I don’t recognise staring back at me.


There are a couple of points I would like to point out, first of which I was initially surprised how warm my skin felt whilst treating the skin and after, but this does dissipate within 10 or 15 minutes.  Also by week five my skin began to feel quite dehydrated, I am told that this is normal due to the skins activity to repair itself and to counteract this I have been using the Tria Overnight Brightening Boost Facial, three times a week after treatment, which made a big difference to my skin’s moisture levels.

I would highly reccomend giving this Age Defying Laser a try, especially if you have tried many other solutions but nothing seems to be making a real difference.  The one tip I want to give you is to be committed to using it, just like face creams or serums, it will only work if you use it.  I think this is a must have for anyone male or female who has noticed visible signs of ageing, no matter your age.

Have you used any type of laser treatment before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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