A Walk Through A Field Of Wild Roses | AA Skincare

A Walk Through A Field Of Wild Roses  | AA Skincare

Hello Beauties

I hope you are having a lovely week so far and I hope you are having some nice weather where u are.  The weather seems to have picked up again here in the north east, sun is shining and temperatures are up in the mid twenties.

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of AA Skincare’s products, they are a British company that are committed to providing naturally effective products, that don’t break the bank and I have reviewed quite a few products from their range, if you missed them or would like a second read, they can be found by clicking HERE.

I have recently been using their newly launched 100% natural facial spritz toner which contains Rose & Frankincense, to help keep me cool in this heat and to provide my skin with much needed hydration, as your skin can dehydrate quickly in warm temperatures.

Active Ingredients:

  • Rose Water – Helps to calm the skin whilst strengthening the underlying capillaries.  AA skincare have used Rosa Damascena which is the most expensive and highly potent species to have the greatest improvement on the skin.
  • Pomegranate – This is quickly becoming a popular skincare ingredient as it’s a natural antioxidant and can help to refine and tone the skins texture.
  • Witch Hazel – This is such a great extract to have in a facial toner for its natural astringent properties to reduce inflammation and remove excess oil from the skin.
  • Frankincense Water – This works to calm and balance the skin whilst helping to improve your skin texture and tone.

I have been using this as my toner for the last week, I adore that it comes in a spritzer bottle as cotton wool pads aren’t always the best for me, as it tend to cling to my stubble.  I’ve incorporated this into my daily routine but i’ve also been using it multiple times during the day when i’m feeling warm to cool down and refresh my skin.

I think i’m becoming addicted to this as I love the aroma, each spritz feels as though I am walking through a meadow of wild roses after the rain with some dew still left on the leaves, glistening on my skin.  My skin feels incredibly soft and moist since I started using this toner, I choose to keep it in the fridge for that extra bit of cooling sensation.

Overall if you don’t currently use a toner or have tried others that are harsh or drying to the skin then this is your perfect everyday choice as it’s suitable for all skin types and will greatly improve your skin’s tone, texture and hydration levels.  Remember whenever water has been on the skin it can take up to 12 hours to normalise the ph balance, whereas a toner like this can neutralise and balance your skin in one spritz.  It is even suitable for vegans.

If you would like to give this a try then this Rose & Frankincense Face Toner can be purchased direct from the AA Skincare website in a 150ml size and retails at £7.98 which is incredible value for money.

Have you tried any of the AA Skincare range before?

Do you currently use a facial toner?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Kimberley Pettyjohn
    17th August 2016 / 4:30 pm

    I would love to try this! It sounds so wonderful!

  2. Heather Cain
    18th August 2016 / 10:09 am

    This so reminds me of when we were little and used to make Rose Water out of the rose petals in our back garden. It only lasted a day before going off but we thought we were so clever

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