Decleor 4 Piece Skin Energising TSV on QVCUK 20th August 2016

Decleor 4 Piece Skin Energising TSV on QVCUK 20th August 2016

Hello Beauties

I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far and finding some time to enjoy the sunshine, wherever you are.  With the weather being so changeable lately, this can affect your skin in lots of ways, dehydration, tiredness and dullness.   However I have some exciting news for you that you won’t want to miss, that can boost your skin and improve the appearance of all environmental factors.

I am talking about on of the most anticipated skincare collections of the year from Decleor, that will be available from QVCUK on the 20th August 2016.  What makes this even better is for the first time you have choice of which day cream and eye product you’d like, based on your current skincare needs, or you might feel you need both options to use as courses of treatment for the skin.  I am personally excited to see the Aurabsolu in a TSV as I have been wanting to try the Aurabsolu range ever since it’s release, as the research into creating this range is incredible, as 19,000 women were asked about their number one skincare priority, which was their skin looked tired and one of the most revealing discoveries was how collagen levels in the skin change throughout the day, so this range was created to address both of these factors.

For those of you who may be new to Decleor, this fantastic range of expert skincare was created by Solange Dessimoulie in 1974, from the start she was focused on the total wellbeing of the body, skin and mind, using plant sciences and natural principles with a focus on the importance of massage, acupuncture and reflexology.  As word began to spread about the products she was creating and to realise her new ideas, Solange took on a chemist, a technician, a doctor and notably an aromatherapist Caroline Colliard.  Decléor was originally named “Cléor” which means “the Golden Key” in Egyptian mythology, Solange had a vision that beauty came from within to the outside – the temple.  The golden key was a symbolic of opening the temple of beauty. Decleor is now a global brand and has the world’s largest skin care research and development laboratory with over 3000 technicians.

Item 211764 – Decleor 4 Piece Skin Energising Collection £54.96 available on 3 EZ Payments.


  • Soothing Micellar Water 200ml – This is an effective gentle cleanser, which is paraben free and contains Rose essential oil to calm and soothe the skin, whilst incorporating Micellar technology, which acts like a magnet to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities.  To use just pour a small amount onto cotton pads and gently wipe over the skin, keep going till the pads look like there is no more dirt or makeup to remove.  I mainly use this cleanser on days where I am time poor or after a long day, where as soon as I get home it allows me to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from my skin, you will be surprised how quick and easy it is to use.  This cleanser leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean and soothed, with a veil of rose infused moisture, perfect for even the most sensitive of skins and there is no need to use a toner after.  My top tip is to pre soak some cotton wool pads and place them into a sealed container and place in the fridge to use on a morning to instantly revive and awaken my skin.
  • Prolagene Gel 400ml Supersize – This was the first product ever created by Decleor and was first created in conjunction with St Louis Hospital in France, to help treat burns by soothing, calming and repairing the damaged skin, which was so effective due to the phenomenal active ingredient in this gel called L-Proline.  This is a multi-tasking gel, that can be used as a firming facial serum under any moisturiser or as a targeted treatment around the eyes or the neck to give a tightening effect.  I also also like to mix this with System Corps for a bespoke targeted treatment for my problem areas on the body to firm and tone the skin.  I have used Prolagene gel for more than 20 years now, initially because I had bad acne prone skin when this gel worked wonders to heal and calm my skin when nothing else was working.  These days I use it for it’s skin firming abilities under my day and night cream, feeding my skin with the active ingredient complex L-Proline, to give a rejuvenating effect on my skin.  Not only does my skin feel firmer when using this, the appearance of my wrinkles look smoother and any imperfections or high colour has been reduced.  If anti-ageing isn’t your main concern you can use this as a treatment mask for an oily or congested skin as this gel will give a signifficant result in calming breakouts and healing the skin to lessen the appearance.

Decleor New


  • Hydra Floral Light Cream 50ml – I am a big fan of this moisturiser, I first tried it when I was a teenager, since then it has become a dependable moisturiser for me, whenever my skin is feeling out of sorts, looking dry or dehydrated I know it’s time to open a fresh pot and gorge my skin with hydration.  Over the years I have seen this moisturiser get better and better as it now contains active ingredients to protect from the damaging effects of pollution and new delivery system technologies, to drip feed the skin with moisture throughout the day.  I adore the light texture which melts into my skin upon contact, this cream always has the ability to change my skin for the better, it brings a fresh bloom to my appearance and I always recieve compliments, saying how well I am looking which is always a welcome to hear.  It’s nice to see this in a handy tube size, which would be ideal when going on holiday or as I have done take it with me to the gym to apply after working out.
  • Serum Hydrotenseur Anti Fatigue Eye Serum 15ml – I adore this eye serum, the visible results can become addictive.  I have seen a dramatic difference in the look of my eye area, the appearance of my fine lines look instantly filled in due to the high levels of Hyaluronic Acid, whilst this super light gel texture feels cooling, gorging the eye area with moisture.  I find one pump is enough for both eyes, which I gently apply to the skin with my ring finger, as this has the least amount of pressure.  If you’re eye area is looking aged and tired then try this eye serum, it’s an instant remedy that can deliver dramatic and visible results quickly.  My top tip is if you have visible forehead lines or vertical lines around the mouth, then apply this to those areas too, for a supercharged result.

decleor new 2

  • Aurabsolu Intense Glow Awakening Day Cream 50ml – Harnessing the power of Jasmine Absolute, which is harvested at sunrise by hand, to maximise its potency.  This lightweight moisturiser quickly melts into the skin and provides long lasting hydration which you don’t initially expect from the texture.  This also has the most gorgeous, natural, exotic floral aroma of Jasmine, which makes it a joy to use.  There is also Orange Flavonoids to protect the skin from free radicals and Samphire to improve the skin tone.  I have only been using this as my day cream for a short amount of time, but I have already begun to notice my appearance has a greater radiance and fine lines are less noticeable, almost as though I have an Instagram filter on my skin.  The best way to describe the change in my skin is that it looks alive, which might sound strange but what I mean is it looks full of vitality and radiance, as though i’ve been on a clean diet and my skin has reaped the benefits.  This is a prefect moisturiser for guys as we can’t get away with lots of makeup trickery to improve our appearance, whilst this day cream does it naturally.
  • Aurabsolu Intense Glow For Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 15ml – My eye area is always a cause for concern for me as I have hereditary hooded eyes so I can tend to look tired even when i’ve had a good sleep.  So finding a good eye product that can help firm the skin whilst appearing more awake is why I was interested in trying this lightweight eye cream.  With active ingredients of Caffeine, Jasmine Absolute, Vitamins B3 and CG to improve the appearance of the eye area.  Vitamin CG is a new one for me and after doing further research i’ve found its a powerful ingredient which can work deep down in the skin to stimulate new healthy and strong collagen to be produced by activating fibroblasts within the skin.  I only need to squeeze a small amount onto my ring finger and apply around the eye area.  This eye cream melts into the skin and from the first application I noticed a visible difference in the brightness and tone of the skin, it instantly gave me a more youthful looking eye area and my eyelids felt firmer.  I have only been using this for a short while now but the improvements I have seen are only going to get better with further use.

Overall both of these collections offer incredible skin hydrating, firming and radiant technologies which can visibly make a big difference to your appearance.  If your current beauty routine isn’t giving you the desired results you need then I would seriously consider trying one of these collection to see the Decleor difference.  I would personally choose one of each as I would use the Hydra Floral for a month then switch to the Aurabsolu for another month and alternate until they run out which by my reckoning would be a good six to eight months.

I think the Aurabsolu collection is particularly good for guys as the brightening effect it has had on my skin, would be beneficial to improve the overall groomed appearance of a man’s skin.

Whichever option you choose, this collection is amazing value for money, you are saving over £140 compared to purchasing direct from Decleor, that’s if you could purchase the 400ml Prolagene Gel supersize, as you would have to buy three 150ml tubes to have the equivalent amount.   This is a true saving as I know you will use and enjoy each and everyone of these products, there is no fad or gimmicky tricks, this is pure unadulterated moisture for your skin.

I hope you can join the lovely Fiona Brackenbury for the launch on the 20th August 2016.

Have you tried any of the Decleor range before?

What is your Desert Island Decleor product?

Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Andrew James
    19th August 2016 / 5:04 pm

    This is one brand ive heard a lot about but never actually gotten into? i think i might give it a go just to see what i think

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