Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Skincare TSV on QVCUK 15th September 2016

Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Skincare TSV on QVCUK 15th September 2016

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Hello Beauties, i’m excited to share with you that Alpha H will be launching a 3 Piece Liquid Gold TSV on QVCUK on the 15th September 2016.  This collection will be featuring one of the most iconic products in the range which is Liquid Gold, I am personally a big fan of this night time facial rejuvenating treatment.  Each of these products can slot into any current routine or if your skin is a little out of sorts and want to use a quick, yet effective routine then this would be perfect for you.

Item 218868 – Alpha H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Skincare Collection £39.98 RRP £121 available on Auto Delivery


  • Liquid Gold 100ml – To apply pour a small amount of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad after your night time cleanse and simply wipe over the skin and that’s it, you don’t need to apply a night cream, just allow the liquid gold to work.  Liquid gold contains 5% glycolic acid, liquorice and silk proteins, these ingredients work to lower the skin’s PH level to make the skin work harder and improve the texture and softness of the skin.  You will experience a slight tingle when using this product but that is normal and soon goes away.  I can honestly say the change in my skin has been dramatic and all of the other products I use have been given a new life as they are working on fresher skin cells and are allowed to work deeper in the skin for maximum benefits.
  • Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream 50ml – This is one of the most potent moisturisers in the Alpha H range and is to be used on an evening when you are not using the Liquid Gold lotion.  It contains a cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Argan Stem Cells and 10% Glycolic Acid to reinvigorate tired skin cells and to stimulate collagen production.  In the short time that I have being using this night treatment my pore size particularly on my cheeks have decreased and has made a big difference to the overall smoothness of my skin texture.
  • Absolute Eye Complex 30ml – The eye area is always a concern of mine, I have hereditary hooded eye lids and pre disposed to dark circles under the eye, so I always like to try new eye solutions to see if they can help.  This Eye Complex contains some powerful ingredients like, Hibiscus Flower, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Tetrapeptides, Cucumber and Matrixyl 6, all of these are power packed into a light gel formula to apply over the eye area including up to the lash line and over the eyelid.  Whenever I use this eye treatment my eye area always looks much more refreshed and bright, the skin above the eyes has a lifted appearance and my dark circles have started to disappear.  The texture is so cooling and soothing on the skin, I personally keep this in fridge for that extra coolness first thing on a morning.

Overall if you are looking to make a difference to your skin with active and highly effective products to boost your skin, then I would highly recommend you to try Alpha H.  It is suitable for all skin types and can work with your current routine.  If you have a sensitive skin I would recommend dampening the cotton wool pads with water before adding the liquid gold to dilute the strength slightly, for the first couple of weeks, if you are at all concerned.

One important factor to keep in mind when using these products is to make sure that you are using an SPF15 or higher during the day as the skin is going to be a little more sensitive and could cause pigmentation to increase if your not protecting the skin.  I use a SPF daily no matter if its Winter or Summer, but I just wanted to point this out to give you the best way to use these products.  I have reviewed the Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ which would be perfect to partner with this TSV.

Have you tried any of the Alpha H range before?

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