Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks | CB12

Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks  |  CB12

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I want to talk about something that is rarely discussed, a common issue that can affect all of us and the one we are most afraid of telling someone about and that is bad breath.  Most of us have experienced this ourselves, possibly the morning after drinking or if you are on a high protein diet it can be more noticeable.  The other main issue is teeth discoloration, which can also affect your confidence and feel like you need to hide your smile.  I believe it is important to look after your oral hygiene as you only get one set of teeth, that has to last you a lifetime.

The CB12 mouthwashes have been clinically proven to give a long lasting 12 hour effect against unpleasant breath.  This unique patented formula was developed at the faculty of dentistry at the Oslo University, which uses low concentrations of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate to enable the prevention of unpleasant breath.

I have previously reviewed the CB12 Boost & Chewing Gum, if you missed those review you can check them out HERE.

The main cause of bad breath, is due to high levels of VSC “Volatile Sulphur Compounds” which is naturally produced by the body and accounts for 90% of the odour associated with halitosis.  CB12 works by neutralising VSC, instead of masking it with a minty aroma to give long lasting fresh breath.

To combine all of these benefits with a scientifically proven whitening formula which binds to the compounds which discolour teeth, making them soluble in water which makes for easier removal.  Unlike some other whitening products this is non abrasive and actively works to strengthen the teeth enamel with a fluoride complex.

Since the previous review CB12 has been my oral hygiene of choice, but for the past two weeks I have switched to this new CB12 White formula.  I am genuinely impressed as I have noticed a difference to the whiteness of my teeth, which I was sceptical about as it’s a mouthwash.  I didn’t think such a simple step could make any improvement, but i’m pleased to say it has and the effectiveness of the fresh breath hasn’t been compromised by this addition. I am going to continue using this formula to maximize the whitening benefits.

I would highly reccomend you to give this new innovation a try and see the benefits for yourself.

You can purchase these from high street stores such as Tesco, Boots and Sainsburys or online retailers such as Amazon.  The mouthwash retails at £15 for a 250ml size and one bottle lasts me a good two to three months.

I know there are many other products are brands that initially appear to be cheaper but for me the CB12 range offers great value for money as I used to use far more of the cheaper alternatives and not get the same results, the technology in these products are equivalent to high end skincare in my opinion.

Are you a fan of the CB12 range?

Do you use oral hygiene products?

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