Sophy Robson Ltd Edition | Little Ondine

Sophy Robson Ltd Edition | Little Ondine

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I hope you are having a lovely week so far?   I am excited to share with you some of the latest shades I have been using from Little Ondine, who were founded in 2014 and developed by three gentlemen with a vision to re-imagine the nail industry.

The concept for this range came from organic wall paint and after taking four years to develop, they have created a revolutionary unique nail formula made from natural resin, water and high quality minerals from around the globe.  To deliver a pure, organic colour, in wonderful on trend shades which are no toxic and odorless, allowing you to practically paint your nails anywhere.  If that wasn’t impressive, the removal is so easy as they simply peel off, without the need for any chemical removers.

Making it kind on the nails and allows you to change up your “Mani” whenever you like.  Its easy to see why they were chosen joint winners of the QVCUK Best New Beauty Brand Competition in 2015.

This review is about the Limited Edition collaboration with Sophy Robson, who is the premier authority on nail artistry in the UK.  She has worked with fashion heavy weights including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood, where she has showcased her unique and edgy design creations.  Sophy has also recently taken up street art under her tag of #SoFly which has allowed her to find a new inner confidence and a way of expressing her amazing design skills.

On the 15th September Little Ondine will be launching a three piece collection in collaboration with Sophy Robson, which takes inspiration from London Fashion Week.

Item 227632 – Little Ondine 3 Piece Limited Edition London Fashion Week Collection £24.50 RRP £34


  • Radiance Nail Polish 10.5ml – This reminds me of the crystal slipper which Cinderella would wear, which sparkles and gleams with a million lights, perfect if you want to add a touch of shimmering couture diamonds, to elevate your look.
  • Supernova Nail Polish 10.50ml – This is a stunning shade, it reminds me of a mixuture of metalic peacock feather and tropical fish scales, with tones of green, purple and teal.  If you’re looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, this is the perfect shade for you.
  • Second Wish Nail Polish 10.5ml – This pearlescent shade has micro shimmering particles running through it, which glints in the light, if you have just got engaged this would be stunning next to a piece of diamond jewellery to compliment.  If wearing on its own I would reccomend three coats to really build up the depth of colour or one coat over deeper richer tones to add a bit of magic.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the magic of Little Ondine and the wonderfully creativity of Sophy Robson in one unique limited edition collection.  I am a big fan of the thick rounded brush which makes application so easy, even if your a novice at nail painting.  All of these shades are stunning, it would be a difficult choice to pick a favourite.

However I’ve never seen anything quite like the Supernova shade, the way in which the multidimensional shade applies to the nail, is a work of magic.

I hope you can tune into the shows on the 15th September on QVCUK to find out more about this inspiring range, including these twins collections.

Item 227640 – Little Ondine 2 Piece Twins Mix and Match Nailcare Collection £17

In a choice of Red Carpet Runway or Practical Magic


  • Back to Black Nail Polish 4.5ml – For a super edgy fashion statement, choose this bold deep shade.  Imagine your little black dress
    with complimenting nails to elevate your own personal sense of style or perfect to combine with monochromatic clothing and accessories.
  • Copper Spark Nail Polish 4.5ml – A rich copper toned sparkly little number.
  • Radiance Nail Polish 4.5ml – This reminds me of the crystal slipper which Cinderella would wear, which sparkles and gleams with a million lights.
  • Golden Rain Nail Polish 4.5ml – This shade will add full on gold accents to any shade, adding a touch of texture and luxury.




  • Back To Black Nail Polish 4.5ml – For a super edgy fashion statement,choose this bold deep shade.  Imagine your little black dress with complimenting nails to elevate your own personal sense of style or perfect to combine with monochromatic clothing and accessories
  • Lava Nail Polish 4.5ml – Which is a bold, rich crimson red shade that perfectly matches the name, as you can imagine the molten hot magma liquid pouring down the side of a Volcano of the coast of Hawaii.  It also reminds me of my favourite shade of roses which was grown in my garden as a child
  • Overnight Nail Polish 4.5ml – Full on diamond encrusted sparkling elegance, which has a silver foil undertone, perfect for the holiday season parties.
  • Propose Nail Polish 4.5ml – It’s rare to find a pure white nail shade that gives full coverage, this however gives full high gloss glam, that would make a bold statement with a sun kissed tan or adds an elegant touch to a brides big day.


Also I have an exclusive Desert Island Skin discount code which will allow you to recieve 10% off all purchases from the Little Ondine website, as a way of saying thank you for all your support.  Just enter DISX10 at the checkout.


Have you tried Little Ondine before?

What is your Desert Island nail shade?

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