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I want to share with you a range of products that have been created love from a Mother to her child.  Natalie Balmond the creator of this range, first began experimenting with traditional recipes for moisturisers that could be used on her daughter Lulu’s chronic eczema.  As after trying both conventional and alternative solutions her daughters skin was still a source of pain and discomfort.  Even pharmaceutical emollients and steroid creams prescribed by GP’s and dermatologists, couldn’t provide any relief.

This is when Natalie started to combine natural herbs and oils such as Hemp, Calendula, Nettle and Olive which have been found in skincare for centuries into a salve, which to her delight was able to hydrate and maintain the health of her daughters skin.  Natalie then started to create batches of this product to give to friends and after a local newspaper featured her story she began to inundated for this magical natural formula and Purepotions was born.

As I have previously mentioned I have quite a sensitive skin, which is prone to flare ups when I am run down or stressed, especially on my scalp which is source of great irritation at times.  So when I heard about the Purepotions story, I had to give it a try for myself.

So over the past couple of weeks I have been trying a few products from this range:

  • Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment £7.99 – I found this pot of gold to be the most multi-functional of the range, I have used it all over my body from top to toe, each time it has calmed and soothed the skin and cleared up patches of eczema after a couple of applications.  This super ointment contains, Calendula, Hemp Seed, Chamomile, Chickweed and Nettle in a rich Beeswax base.  You only need a small amount, warm in your hands and apply to the affected area.
  • Skin Salvation Scalp Oil £14.99 – This potent scalp treatment is perfect for any itchy, flaky scalps which I suffer from time to time, usually brought on by stress.  I find a couple of pumps of this scalp oil which is a combination of Borage, Rosemary, Hemp Seed and Nettle, massaged into the scalp gives me instant relief and by morning the itching has stopped.  I would advise to sleep on a old pillowcase or put down a towel to avoid any transfer.
  • Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream £13.99 – If you would like a daily treatment of the moisturising ointment but in a cream version then this is the one to go for.  I find this offers the same skin soothing and calming benefits, but find it easier to use during the day when applying makeup over the top and doesn’t leave the skin shiny.  If your skin is really suffering I would apply this as your day cream then use the ointment as an overnight treatment.
  • Skin Salvation Intensive Hand Cream £10.99 – I have been doing a lot of gardening recently, so I needed an intensive treatment to help heal my hands.  This blend of Shea Butter, Calendula, Sunflower Seed, Olive Fruit and Sea Buckthorn, feels comforting on the skin and has helped with the dryness around the cuticles too.  My dad often is allergic to carrier bags so I have tried it on his hands and has helped to soothe them too, going to get him a full size to use on a regular basis.

Overall I am very impressed by these natural remedies, they have really made a noticeable difference to my skin when it has been irritated.  I think that these free from parabens, organically and locally sourced products, are the perfect rescue remedy to keep in your beauty “SOS” kit for emergencies.  It’s reassuring to know that this range can be used on children as well as adults.  I would always check with your GP and do a patch test on an unaffected area before use, just to be 100% safe and sure it is suitable for your skin.

If you would like to try this range for yourself, these products can be purchased direct from the Purepotions website or can be found in Boots, Holland & Barrett and has recently launched on QVCUK.

Do you suffer from any form of Roscea or skin irritations?

Do you prefer natural ingredients?

Please comment below and let me know.

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