Yankee Candle UK 2017 Releases

Yankee Candle UK 2017 Releases

Hello Yankee Fans

I am excited to share with you a preview of the new collections and candles that Yankee Candle has in store for 2017.  For all you festive candle fans there are plenty of new fragrances about to be released before the end of the year, one of my particular new favorites is Star Anise & Orange, which take me back to childhood days and I will be sure to stock up on this fragrance as to me it could be enjoyed all year round.

Here is all the info about the upcoming releases:

  • Pure Essence III – Like the two previous Spring seasons, Yankee Candle have decided to create a third incarnation of their Pure Essence range.  This time focusing on bringing the outside in with scents such as – Linden Tree, Wild Mint & Cherry Blossom.  Spring is a perfect time to refresh the home and these will do a superb job.
  • Coastal Living – In March it’s time to head to the ocean and transport yourself to the shoreline with delicate florals, salty sea air and the refreshing coastal breeze with scents such as – Garden By The Sea, Driftwood, Coastal Living and Sea Air.  Where I live is quite close to the sea but rarely have chance to experience the crashing waves and refreshing breeze, so I can see myself enjoying bringing that coastal freshness into my home.
  • Havana – In May you will be transported to the colourful and vibrant city of Havana.  This is a place id love to visit as it is steeped in history and intrigue.  Close your eyes and imagine you are there surrounded by the Spanish colonial architecture, taking in the warm breeze with hints of ripe fruits and exotic flowers filling the air, with scents such as – Viva Havana, Tobacco Flower, Delicious Guava and Cuban Mojito.  Just by the names I have a feeling I will be drawn to the indulgent Tobacco Flower and Cuban Mojito with it’s refreshing lime and mint mix.
  • Fall In Love… – In August you will get the chance to embrace the last days of Summer and welcome Autumn, with a collection designed to surprise.  Feel inspired by the rich colour palette of the season and snuggle up with a collection of sumptuously smooth and sophisticated fragrances such as – Warm Cashmere, Autumn Glow, Vibrant Saffron and Mulberry Fig & Delight.  Just by the names I think the Mulberry Fig will be a winner for me.
  • The Perfect Christmas – In October the countdown to the festive season begins and Yankee Candle have captured the most magical time of the year with a mix of fresh pine, warming woods and a drop of winter spice, with scents such as – Crackling Wood Fire, The Perfect Tree, Christmas Magic and Spiced White Cocoa.  From the names I reckon I will be drawn to the woody notes of the cosy and fresh Crackling Wood Fire.

I hope you enjoy this preview and I’d luv to know which you are most looking forward too?

Are you a fan of Yankee Candles?

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