Instaglow Complexion with a Drop Of Sun | The Body Shop

Instaglow Complexion with a Drop Of Sun  |  The Body Shop

As most of you know I have a long history with The Body Shop.  When I was a child my sister took me with her when she visited our local store and instantly fell in love with all the aromas, lotions and creams.

When I heard that The Body Shop had created a CC Cream called “Instaglow” I knew I had to give it a try as I think men can benefit from a bit of complexion perfection by using subtle makeup products to enhance their skin and give a groomed appearance.  There are three shades in the “Instaglow” family.  I chose the Peachy Glow as I have a medium skin tone with some high colour on my cheeks.

Each of these CC Creams have fantastic benefits:

  • SPF20 with UVA & UVB sunscreen
  • 24 hours of moisture from the Community Trade Marula Oil
  • Skin protection against dark spots & premature ageing
  • Enriched with 100% organic Community Trade Aloe Vera & Ginseng

I love the lightweight texture of this CC Cream which easily blends into the skin, giving my skin a natural healthy radiance.  It also has helped to even out the reddish tones on my cheeks and the appearance of fine lines and pores, look perfected and blurred.  I have been using this CC Cream on a morning for the last couple of weeks and the main benefit I’ve noticed is I don’t look as tired, even when my sleeping pattern has been a bit all over of late.

Now as Summer is officially over i’ve been looking for ways to try and prolong my sun kissed glow, as I know I look better with a bit of touch of colour.  One of the biggest trends with tanning this year, has been “customisable tanning” a number of brands have introduced ways to achieve your own unique shade and these Drops Of Sun from The Body Shop is the best that I’ve tried so far.  This is mainly because others i’ve tried gave me a tan but looked a bit fake, where as adding a couple of this holiday glow, golden drops to my moisturiser or foundation, has warmed up my skin tone but doesn’t look like I’ve been tanning or just stepped off the plane.

The dropper makes application easy and precise to achieve the amount of golden glow that you want.  Whilst I adore the glass packaging, it does make it a little more difficult to travel with.  To overcome this I’ve decanted some into a smaller pot and pre-blended with my moisturiser for a weekend away.

You can purchase both of these products from The Body Shop website or can be found in your local high street store, retailing at £14 for the Instaglow CC Cream and £12 for the Drops Of Sun, making each very affordable and will give many months of use.

I am very impressed by these products as they look very natural on the skin, which is great for guys to give skin perfection and confidence, without being noticeable that your wearing makeup or applied tanning products.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop’s makeup range before?

Do you like a sheer coverage or more full coverage makeup?

Please comment below and let me know.

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