Supercharged Results For The Body | Liz Earle

Supercharged Results For The Body | Liz Earle

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As a regular reader of this blog you’ll know i’m a big fan of Liz Earle, this is because I believe in their ethos as a brand by harnessing powerful naturally active ingredients to create fantastic skincare solutions.

I’m excited to share with you one of their latest releases to the Superskin range in the form of a treatment oil for the body.  I adore using oils in my skincare routine as they have such a natural affinity with the skin and allow potent ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using the Liz Earle Superskin Treatment Body Oil, which contains a wonderful blend of Cranberry, Borage and Rose Hip Seed Oils, which are the signature ingredients synonymous with the Superskin range.  Which has been combined with Alaria esculenta to give the skin a firmer and toned appearance.  All of these wonderful ingredients come in a classic, elegant frosted glass bottle, which is quite tall making it easy to grip whilst dispensing the oil.

There is a wonderful four step treatment guide which shows techniques to slow the ticking from top to toe with this luxurious and decadent treatment oil.  My main problem area is my stomach, as ever since I had to have emergency appendix surgery the skin has never quite retained the same firmness or elasticity as it once had.

I have been applying this nourishing treatment oil every day for the past couple of weeks, after a bath on an evening as part of my night time ritual.  Whilst my skin is still a little damp, I pour a small amount into the palm of my hands and massage gently over my stomach using circular clockwise movements.  I always like to inhale the wonderful aroma before massaging to fully immerse myself in this treatment.  I find applying the oil to be a relaxing experience, afterwards my skin feels super hydrated and nourished.

I started to notice a difference in the appearance of my skins texture and tone after around five days, my stomach looked firmer and the appearance of my appendix scar looks visibly more refined.  After two weeks of treatment there is a noticeable firmer appearance and my scar is looking better each day, thanks to these supercharged ingredients.  I know this won’t be able to remove the scar but it’s made the appearance look a lot more refined.

I’m also in the middle of undergoing a new fitness routine, so I have started to apply this treatment oil to other areas of the body such as my arms and legs to enhance the heavy lifting in the gym.  Also I like to use a couple of drops on my neck area before my night cream, which has really shown a noticeable difference in the tone of my jaw line.

If you have yet to try a body oil or even any of the Liz Earle range, then I would highly reccomend you try this latest innovation and see the results for yourself.  The Superskin Treatment Body Oil is is available to purchase in a 100ml size for £35, through Liz Earle flagship stores and online until the 29th September, after which you will see it in your local department store counters.

There is also free UK delivery available on the 30th September, which makes stocking up on your Liz Earle favorites so much easier.

Have you tried a body oil before?

What is your Desert Island Liz Earle product?

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