Skin Friendly Skin Resurfacing | NIOD

Skin Friendly Skin Resurfacing  | NIOD

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As most of you may know I’m a big fan of NIOD as their dermal science range of products are a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry, they create such innovative formulas and delivery systems which you won’t of tried before.

I have reviewed a number of products from their range, if you missed any then you can check them out HERE.

If you are new to NIOD they are a very modern brand who won the “QVC Find a New Beauty Brand 2015.”  Whilst this a new comparatively new beauty brand, everything about NIOD is different to any other range you might have used in the past.  They have even built their own factory using cutting edge technologies, so they can quickly create and deliver the newest formulas with the latest beauty “buzz word” ingredients.

There seems to have been a big shift recently when it comes to exfoliation, the majority of people are moving away from scrubs with skin buffing particles in them and even turning their back on glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids.  I personally believe that its great to have so many options when it comes to skin resurfacing, it’s a matter of choice and you know what works for your skin the best.

However NIOD have created a non-acidic alternative to acid-based skin resurfacing, as the founder Brandon Truaxe doesn’t believe in using AHA / BHA on the skin, as their short term value is less than the inflammation they cause.  This is why I was so intrigued to try the NIOD Non-Acid Acid Precursor as it uses two forms of amino isolates, purified probiotic bacteria and a bio-ferment oligopeptide to offer better skin resurfacing, that is more compatible with the skin, without irritation or inflammation.

Like most of the previous NIOD products i’ve tried they sound to good to be true, so I like to remain sceptical till I try them myself.  I really wanted to put this night skin refining treatment to the test so I have been using it every night for past 30 days, to really see how good it is.

I was tempted to write this review after ten days as I had already begun to see a change, but I have sat on my fingers and waited till now to share the results with you.  First of all the texture and consistency of this product is unlike any other i’ve tried of this kind, it feels like a milky serum that soothes the skin and provides my skin with hydration, without causing any dryness, tingling or stinging.

After the full thirty days the change to the texture, radiance and overall appearance of my skin is truly magical.  No other skin resurfacing treatment has made this much of a dramatic difference and just shows how feeding the skin new ingredients can really supercharge and change your appearance.

I will say it doesn’t the most appealing aroma, but that’s of little importance to me as I always want to see results more than anything.  I think this is an important innovation, particularly for those with quite sensitive skins like myself who tend to shy away from potent peels or acids and it’s a wonderful skin perfector for guys as we can’t get away with the same makeup trickery as women.

If you have a drier skin type than mine, you can follow with a night cream or balm over the top of this, I have tried this a couple of times as with the chance in seasons my skin is needing the extra moisture, which hasn’t altered the effectiveness of this product.

I want to congratulate everyone from NIOD who were involved in creating this super skin resurfacing treatment, as it has exceeded my expectations.  If you would like to try the NAAP serum for yourself it is available from the NIOD website or QVCUK where it retails at £35 for a 30ml size, which I would expect to last around 2/3 months worth of daily usage.

Have you tried any of the NIOD products before?

Do you use skin resurfacing or exfoliating products at the moment?

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