A New Revolution in Shaving | Philips One Blade

A New Revolution in Shaving  |  Philips One Blade

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I want to talk about shaving, whilst there are so many options available to us all promising the best shave it can sometimes be a minefield trying and testing to find what works best.  Over the last couple of years I have sported more facial hair than I’ve ever done, previously I was always 100% clean shaven and I still am from time to time, but my requirements from a shaver has changed due to this.

These days I tend to use a beard trimmer more than I use a traditional shaver to groom and trim the length of my beard rather than removing it all at once.  This is why I wanted to try this revolutionary wet & dry rechargeable shaver from Philips called One Blade.  Which can be used as either a beard trimmer or a face shaver, offering you both solutions in one nifty device, the decision is yours.  What’s unique is the blades have been designed to last a minimum of four months, so the days of trying to shave with a blunt blade will be no more.

I was first attracted to the design, which is super sleek and modern looking with a bold green and onyx black colour way.  It made me think of space travel and what you’d expect to see someone using in the future like in Star Trek, but it’s available right now.




After using the Philips One Blade for the past couple of weeks I am very impressed at how well it removes all facial hair in one sweep, even after a few weeks worth of growth, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth with no missed hairs or stubble.  Likewise I have used the various comb attachments to trim and refine the look and length of my beard as it has grown back to great success.  Overall I am very impressed by this clever invention and at first glance you wonder how something that looks relatively simple can do such a fantastic job.  I would highly reccomend you try this and for the ladies out there, i’m sure if the man in your life likes the latest gadgets and technology he will thank you, if they received this as a gift.

I luv that it’s rechargeable as I’ve be doing quite a bit of travelling recently and sometimes I’ve needed that extra touch up before a meeting or photo shoot.





If you would like to try this revolutionary shaving experience for yourself then the Philips One Blade can be purchased direct from the Philips website, Boots, Amazon or Argos and retails at £34.99 for the starter kit and the replacement blades retail at £11.99 each or £19.99 for a duo pack.

Have you tried an electronic shaver before?

Do you prefer to have facial hair or a smooth face?

Please comment below and let me know.

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