Nina Westbury | Interview

Nina Westbury  |  Interview

I always like to learn about other peoples perspectives on beauty and what it means to them.  Following on from last years interviews I have had the pleasure of conducting a few more, which I want to share with you all.

The first of which is with the lovely Nina Westbury, who is a freelance Celebrity Makeup Artist who has recently relocated back to the UK this year and is obsessed with all things beauty.

Tell me more about yourself and your background

I am Nina Westbury I was born in London where I got an appreciation for art at a young age, because my mother was a painter and my father was a stuntman and actor. I got my love for makeup from my mum and nanna, I loved watching them apply it and I would often have a play with it myself.  When I was a teenager my family relocated to Canada where I studied arts at school and I attended makeup school in Vancouver.  I then returned back to London where I worked on short films and in Harrods for Laura Mercier where I refined my skills further.

What is your version of beauty?

Beauty is confidence. I feel that we look more beautiful as we age and become more confident in our skin.  Makeup is a great way to boost confidence, if we look good then generally a woman is unstoppable!  I believe in making the best of ourselves, I like to bring out a woman’s best features to distract from the bad ones not covering them in a ton of makeup!

Do you have a healthy lifestyle and is it important to you how you look and are perceived by others?

Well, it could be healthier! I like to walk everywhere! I try to eat well but I do love chocolate and champagne!  I wear makeup everyday, I am a makeup artist so its part of my job and a perfect way to advertise my skills.  I don’t wear heavy makeup everyday but I do wear a tinted moisturiser by NARS, a bronzer and Instant Concealer and Volume Supra Mascara from Clarins.  I also like Rimmel powders, my blush and eyeliner are by DIOR and I love lipstick, I carry about 12 at a time in my handbag so the answer is yes it is important how other perceive me.   

If you weren’t doing your current job role what is it you think you would be good at or enjoy doing?

An author!

What are your current favourite beauty brands?

That’s like asking me which one of my children I prefer!  In my pro kit I carry makeup from all brands and price ranges.  I love DIOR, Laura Mercier, NARS, Clarins, Guerlain especially for foundations and REN for their skin care it’s amazing,  Also Makeup Revolution have great eye shadow palettes.

Why do you use certain products at the moment?

I like to read my skin so if I am especially dehydrated I add a few drops of the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil to my moisturiser.  If my lips are dry then I used the DIOR Rouge Baume so I get skincare with my lipstick.  If my skin is oily then I apply a fluid moisturiser and its quickly absorbed and I apply powder with powder puff rather than a powder brush.

What category of beauty do you spend the most on and why?

I suggest to clients that they spend money on the classics like foundation, mascara or bronzers and save money on trends such as matte dark cherry red lipstick.

Do you think some brands charge too much for their products?


What matters most about a product, the packaging, price, ingredients, texture, fragrance?

When I am makeup shopping the most important thing for me is texture.  If makeup pulls the skin or if it causes blotchyness then I try another product or brand.  Then I smell it as I like my skincare to have a sent.  Then packaging is next, it has to look pretty either in my kit of dressing table, then ingredients, then price.

Do you use SPF? are u aware of the dangers of the sun and how to choose and SPF factor?

I wear SPF in my tinted moisturisers.  I love the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB cream as it has SPF and reminds me of summer holidays.  I don’t like SPF in my skincare.

What are your top tips when it comes to skincare?

SPF during the day to protect, then at night treat it with serums and oils.  Always take all your makeup off at night!  Use a moisturiser even though you don’t think you need to.

Is there any products or treatments which you haven’t tried but would like to?

I will try anything!

Did you learn about skincare and makeup from family like your mum, sisters or aunts?

My mother and grandmother taught me about makeup and skincare.

How do you buy your products, in shop, online, recommendation from a friend or a beauty blogger?

I like to shop for makeup personally as I am picky.

What do you think of men using beauty and skincare products?

It’s fabulous.

Do you wear make up? if so on a day to day basis? Nights out? Special Occasions?

I wear makeup everywhere.  For some reason I am comfortable appearing on camera with no makeup on, like Instagram but I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on.

Which makeup products do you use? Primer? Foundation? CC / BB Cream? Bronzer? Concealer? Powder?

I use everything equally but I am not keen on primers with silicone in them.  They feel nice in the beginning but when you put them on a oily skin, they don’t mix well and you makeup is on the floor by lunchtime.

Would you share your beauty products with a partner?

My husband has his own but I would share if I had to.

Are there any products or ingredients you’ve found your allergic to and why?

I don’t do well with latex eyeliners as the can crumble off and my eyes are too sensitive.

Do you or have you had any salon treatments?

I have had loads of salon treatments.  I also had a series of facials running up to my wedding and my skin was amazing but I have a hard time finding the time these days.  I get my hair highlighted every 8 weeks and I don’t really bother with my eyebrows anymore.  I think it was all the 90’s tweezing.

Have you had any plastic surgery or non surgical procedures like filler or botox? and what do you think about surgery for vanity, rather than for medical reasons?

I did see a plastic surgeon when I had a mole removed off my nose but that’s it really. I won’t say never but I have seen some very bad face lifts so I don’t think its my cup of tea.

Do you use any products for your hands, nails or feet?

Yes I love Clarins hand creams, Dior cuticle oil and Body Shop foot cream that I have used for years!

What fragrances do you prefer? Citrus? Woody? Spicy and any favourite brands?

I have about 7 fragrances on the go at the moment. I love YSL Black Opium, Jean Paul Gaultier Intense, Chanel Allure, Marc Jacobs, Armani and Cartier So Pretty.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nina for taking the time to answer these questions, i’m sure they will be very helpful and inspire you to try some new brands.  You can keep up to date with what Nina is up to via her Twitter and Periscope social media channels.

Feel free to comment below with any questions.

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