Yankee Candle Set of 4 USA Special Collectors Edition TSV on QVCUK 29th October 2016

Hello Yankee fans

I am excited to share with you that for the first time Yankee Candle will be having a Today’s Special Value on QVCUK the 29th October which contains four large jars!  I’ve seen three before but never four and what makes this collection even more amazing is that these are all special collectors editions from the USA, so you won’t be able to find these in the UK.

Item 706395 – Yankee Candle Set of 4 USA Special Collectors Edition Large Jars £39.96 on Auto Delivery


  • Soft & Cosy – Large Jar
  • Cappuccino – Large Jar
  • Frosting – Large Jar
  • Rose – Large Jar

Each of these fragrances offer their own distinctive aroma, I am drawn to the Rose and the Soft & Cosy but I always like to experience new aromas so I may end up changing my mind yet.  As I think it’s important to try new fragrance families that you wouldn’t normally go for.

If you go for the Auto Delivery you will recieve a further four piece special collectors edition large jars in April 2017.




  • Raspberry Patch – Large Jar
  • Fresh Meadow – Large Jar
  • Rustic Peach Pie – Large Jar
  • Beautiful Blossom – Large Jar

All of these fragrances sound delightful, I know I will be drawn to the Fresh Meadow as I adore the fresh and green aromas such as Green Grass and Fresh Mint.


I hope you can join Rosa Speyer for the launch and feel free to tweet in what you are burning and your favourite fragrances.

Have you tried Yankee Candle before?

Do you like to try new fragrances?

Please comment below and let me know.

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