The Quintessential British Gent | Molton Brown

The Quintessential British Gent  | Molton Brown

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I am delighted to share today’s review with you, because it’s about a brand that I’m a massive fan of and one I even got the chance to work for when I lived in Manchester, which was a dream come true after using their wonderful products for many years.  My journey with Molton Brown started when I was a teenager, when I received a travel shower gel collection at Christmas from my parents.  I was instantly hooked by the aromatic aromas and I knew instantly that this was no ordinary body cleanser, this was a luxurious experience containing real essential oils which totally changed my expectations of how showering and bathing could be.

Even if you haven’t come across Molton Brown yourself, I’m sure you will have heard of their iconic fragrances such as Orange & Bergamot, Eucalyptus or Black Peppercorn.  The creation of the name, is a fusion of the street name “South Molton Street” where the brand was created over 40 years ago and the cutting edge fashion boutique Browns which was established by the founders parents which was just a little further up the road.

Did you know that the story of Molton Brown began by hand blending haircare products above a salon on South Molton Street? and it was six years after that the first bathing products were first created.  They were also leaders in men’s skincare by introducing a male only range back in 1985, which was decades before most other brands had thought of this concept and identified that a male skin was different.

This brings me onto my review of their latest collection designed especially for guys, one that has given a new twist to their best selling Black Peppercorn aroma, by adding a blend of zesty citrus and floral tones to create in my opinion the quintessential scent of an British gent, fresh from a day out playing Cricket, Football or Rugby.

There are four products in the Re-Charge Black Pepper SPORT collection, for the past couple of weeks I have been using three products from the range, which are:

  • Re-Charge Black Pepper SPORT – Energising Body Scrub 200ml £24 – This invigorating scrub is blended with olive stone particles which micro-exfoliate the skin, in an effective yet skin friendly manner.  I found it particularly brilliant on the tops of my arms, shoulders and underarms to effectively cleanse and remove all traces of dirt, sweat and grime.  Afterwards my skin felt incredibly soft and I would reccomend to use a couple of times a week to maintain healthy, smooth skin.  This scrub is brilliant at preventing ingrowing hairs on any intimate areas as is so often the trend with the modern man.
  • Re-Charge Black Pepper SPORT – Muscle Soak 300g £19 – I have been trying to make sure I take some time out recently, the best way for me to relax is to take a long bath, so I was excited to try this muscle soak which uses mineral-rich thermal bathing salts to relieve muscle tension and signs of fatigue.  Compared to other bathing soaks I’ve tried I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of these bathing salts, as they have been refined to create a potent concentrated solution that fills the whole bathroom with a wonderful refreshing, earthy and manly aroma.  I find a couple of cap fulls is enough to create the desired effect.  The first time I tried this soak I really put it to the test, as i’d just had a hard workout with my PT and I was aching all over, it was even a struggle to lower myself into the bath.  After a good twenty minute relaxation, I got out of the bath feeling renewed and could tell my muscles didn’t feel as sore as I have tried just a plain bath before and still got out aching, so I could genuinely notice what difference this had made.
  • Re-Charge Black Pepper SPORT – Deodorant 150ml £20 – This is the perfect addition to these wonderful bathing products, as it allows me to experience this exquisite aroma blend throughout the day and works effectively to keep me smelling fresh all day.  I like to use a couple of pumps on my underarms and then one on my shirt or jacket, which the fragrance still lingers on when I put it back on the next day.

I was quite sceptical that a fragrance like Black Peppercorn couldn’t be bettered or even shouldn’t be changed but I am so impressed by this new SPORT creation.  I actually prefer this collection to the original, the addition of citrus tones enliven the senses and makes me feel like I wearing a smart crisp white shirt, even when I have more ath-leisure type garments on, I can feel myself standing taller and more confident.

If the man in your life has yet to discover Molton Brown or he is a long time fan of the original Black Peppercorn, I am confident that this SPORT collection will go down a treat and I for one would certainly love to unwrap anything from this collection on a special occasion such as a birthday or under my tree with Christmas approaching.  All of this range can be purchased direct from Molton Brown stores and their online shop, along with availability in high end beauty departments.

Also between the 28th October and midnight on the 30th October, Molton Brown are having a Friends & Family event where you can recieve 20% off every order online or product in store.

Have you tried Molton Brown before?

What is your Desert Island Molton Brown product or aroma?

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