Multifunctional Nourishing & Shaving Oil | Elemis

Multifunctional Nourishing & Shaving Oil  |  Elemis

With the arrival of November, a lot of guys decide to grow a moustache to raise money for charity as part of the “Movember” campaign.  I have taken part in this myself and found that with the right tools I could maintain a groomed appearance, whilst nourishing and softening my facial hair.

I know many of you will have facial hair all year round, as it has been quite a popular trend in the last few years and I want to share with you a multi-purpose facial and beard oil by Elemis, which I believe is one of the best available and combines Grapeseed, Jojoba and Hazelnut Oil for maximum hydration and softness.

I first discovered the Smooth Result Shave & Beard Oil a couple of months ago, as I wanted to use an oil as a pre shave treatment before using my favourite Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel to see if my shaving experience could be taken to the next level.  I found that by using the shave oil before applying the shave gel, gave me a closer and an overall more luxurious shave.  My skin felt super hydrated, despite having just used a razor on my skin, so I have kept this as part of my routine ever since.

More recently when I was ill with a very bad cold, I didn’t have the energy to shave so over the couple of weeks my facial hair had grown quite long and thick.  After a week I began to notice that the beard hair felt quite dry despite using my normal facial moisturisers and had begun to feel quite itchy, so I decided to use the Smooth Result Oil as a beard hair conditioner, which I applied once a day.  After a couple of days I noticed that the hair felt so much softer and hydrated, also the itchiness also disappeared which I had to be due to using this oil as I didn’t change any other part of my routine.

The earthy aroma of this oil makes it a pleasure to use and the minimalist black and silver packaging look super stylish on my bathroom shelf which I proud to have on display for anyone to see.  The only drawback for me is the screw top lid is quite small and with oily hands has meant I’ve dropped it a few times, I would suggest maybe a pipette dropper like the one on the superfood facial oil, would make application easier.

Overall I am very impressed by this facial & beard oil, I like how it can be multi-functional to use as a pre shave treatment and as a nourishing beard oil all in one product.  I also found that unlike some other oils it didn’t clog up my razor and rinsed away easily.

If you have yet to try any of the Elemis shaving products I would highly reccomend them or if you have never tried an oil as part of your shaving routine then i’d luv it if you could give this a try and let me know your experiences as i’m sure you wont be disappointed.

My top tip, if you want to make your shaving experience even more luxurious you could place the bottle into a bowl of warm water and apply a couple of drops of the warmed oil onto the skin and then apply a warmed damp flannel over the face, lay back and inhale the aroma.

You can purchase the Elemis Smooth Result Shave & Beard Oil from most spa’s or salons that stock Elemis or can be purchased direct from their online website.  It retails at £22.50 for a 30ml size, which based on my experience is a good three months of use whether shaving or using as a beard oil.

Have you tried any of the Elemis mens range before?

Do you shave or prefer to have a moustache or beard?

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