A Juicy Fragrance Explosion | Leighton Denny

A Juicy Fragrance Explosion  |  Leighton Denny

I first discovered Leighton Denny when I visited a beauty trade show in Manchester many years ago, this was before I started watching him on QVCUK.  I was impressed that a guy who is charismatic, knowledgeable and engaging, was making his mark in the beauty industry.  Which further fuelled my ambition and passion about beauty and knew that someday I would make it my mission to be involved in beauty in someway.  He has since become an internationally recognised figure with multi award winning products and even an MBE.

Earlier this year I was featured on the LD Boutique guest blog page, where I was shared some of my favourite products from Leighton’s range.  If you missed it then you can take a read HERE.

In that guest post one of the products I mentioned was the Light & Dark Desire fragrance, which impressed me with it multi-layered fragrance experience and longevity, it’s a must have when I go out on dinner dates.  Today I want to share with you the latest addition to the Light & Dark range named Delightful.

When Leighton created this new aroma, he wanted “A fragrance so juicy, you’ll want to squeeze it” and he certainly has, if there was a cocktail that had the same combination of juicy fruits I would certainly be ordering it.

Right from the initial spritz I was blown away by an explosion of zesty red fruits of Blood Orange, Watermelon and Red Apple, which was enough to make my mouth water.  Which then transitions into a sophisticated delicate bouquet of florals including Mirabilis Jasmine, Lotus Flower and Pink Violet.  Which then blends into sweet musk filled, creamy base with a hint of coconut to complement and balance all the elements in this delightful fragrance.

The bottle has been expertly crafted to coordinate with the rest of Leighton’s fragrance family and I simply adore the colour of this fragrance and says so much about the aroma inside, just bursting to be released.

I think Leighton has surpassed himself with this creation, if you would like to try this for yourself it is available from the LD Boutique and retails at £43.50 for a 70ml size or in a purse travel size of 5ml for £9.50, as shown in the image above.  Also if you purchase a full size of any fragrance you will recieve a free gift worth £28.50 which will contain travel sizes of the three other fragrances in the collection.

You can also cocktail this fragrance with any of the others in Leighton’s range to create your own unique and bespoke scent.

Have you tried any of the Leighton Denny fragrances before?

What type of fragrance do you usually buy?

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