Elemis The Gift of Great Skin Face & Body TSV on QVCUK 13th November 2016

Elemis The Gift of Great Skin Face & Body TSV on QVCUK 13th November 2016

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Is it really that time of year again already? With Christmas is fast approaching it’s time for one of my favourite and most recommended British skincare brands, to announce their much anticipated festive blockbuster Today’s Special Value collection on QVCUK.

On Sunday 13th November, Elemis will launch a six piece gift of great skin collection for a one day only special price of £42.96 but the contents are worth a staggering £138.50.  Saving you a substantial amount, which I know can sometimes mean the difference from being able to afford good quality skincare and bathing products or having to choose cheaper alternatives, as not all of us have the available funds to spend on over a hundred pounds on beauty, especially this time of year.

This collection comes with a choice of either Frangipani Monoi or White Lotus & Lime, which is a brand new aroma, launching exclusively in this TSV.  What first struck me about these two choices as they remind me of glistening jewels, a deep rich Emerald green and an exotic opulent red Ruby, both of which look stunning.  This collection will also be available four EZ payments of £10.74 with a buy more, save more option, which means for every additional collection you purchase you will save £4, which means you could decide to choose one of each aroma and still make a saving.

Will you be #TeamFrangipani or #TeamWhiteLotusAndLime ?

Item 228618 – Elemis 6 Piece Gift of Great Skin Face & Body Collection £42.96 on 4 EZ Pays

Whichever option you choose you will receive the same three skincare products consisting of:

  • 195ml Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil – I adore using this facial cleanser, as each time I am taken on a aromatic journey, the refreshing citrus aroma of Grapefruit combined with Rose and Patchouli, makes it a joy to use and I look forward to cleansing, which lets face it, is something we all need to do, so if it can be that much more enjoyable then i’m all for it.  Oils have a natural affinity with the skin, so it makes perfect sense to use them in your skincare routine and by choosing a cleanser which has a high percentage of natural oils, it will give your skin a deeper, thorough cleanse.  I always use a couple of pumps and massage onto dry skin, then add some warm water and watch how the oil turns into a milky consistency, which allows for easy removal.  My skin always feels super soft and hydrated after using this cleanser and I’ve noticed the high colour on my cheeks has greatly improved since adding this to my routine.
  • 200ml Apricot Soothing Toner – Using a toner in your routine is very important, as when water is applied to the skin it can take up to twelve hours for your skin to re-balance itself.  It’s also just as important to choose a toner which doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfates, as these overly strip the skin and can leave it feeling dry and tight.  This is why I adore this toner as it uses natural soothing and cleansing ingredients of Apricot and Sweet Betty Flower to clam and re-balance the skin.  I luv that it comes with a spray nozzle as I often have facial hair or stubble and using cotton wool pads can be quite difficult and it also makes for quick application, a couple of pumps and your done.  You can also use this toner on cotton wool pads to place over the eye area if you are suffering my hay-fever or your eyes are feeling tired and sore after a long day at work.
  • 30ml Pro Collagen Marine Cream – I first discovered this fantastic anti-ageing moisturiser over 12 years ago, as at that time I had begun to notice a few fines lines and needed a product that could help me with this concern.  In my quest I tried many creams all of which brought me out in spots and just left my skin feeling greasy.  However I was very surprised that the texture of this moisturiser was light and disappeared into my skin, leaving it feeling comforted and soothed.  At last I had found the perfect anti-ageing cream for me and it actually helped to balance my skin.  Over the years I have tried many different creams from various brands, which I believe is important, as it allows you to find which suits your own skin as we are all unique.  However over the past eight years this miracle cream has always been part of my routine, as it is so effective at smoothing the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles.


This transports me to a tropical white sandy beach, sitting at the edge of the sea with a gentle uplifting citrus breeze mixed with clean floral notes.  It makes me feel invigorated and relaxed at the same time, perfect for the cold Winter early mornings to enliven your day.  I’d say this is definitely a unisex aroma and I personally cant get enough of it.  I hope it becomes part of the Elemis range going forward as I adore this fragrance.


 Take a trip to the Polynesian Islands and luxuriate in the unique rich infusion of exotic Tahitian Tiare flowers.  For me this is an indulgent treat, something which i’d use more on an evening as there is a sensuousness to this aroma.  I’d say this is very much a female aroma, but I am a fan of exotic flowers so this is a winner for me.


Than this is where you make your choice of either #TeamFrangipani or TeamWhiteLotusAndLime.  Which begins with a and you will receive these body products:

  • 300ml Bath & Shower Nectar – Over the past month I have been taking more baths than I have showers, so I am pleased to see this bathing product as part of the collection.  You might think that the liquid consistency won’t be as moisturising on the skin but you need not worry as I have found these bathing nectars to be ultra hydrating on the skin.  The White Lotus option contains moringa oil which if you’re familiar with Elemis, is found in their Bliss Capsules and Pro Radiance cleanser, which works to clarify, refine and soften the texture of the skin.  Where as the Frangipani uses sesame seed oil blended with the exotic Tahitian monoi oil for further hydration and decadence.
  • 120ml Body Balm – Once I heard the word balm I was sold, I adore a sumptuous rich texture in a body moisturising product, as I am quite lazy when it comes to applying a body moisturiser.  This wonderful, decadent treatment just melts in the skin, providing instant hydration and to me sinks in quicker than a cream or lotion.  I hope that these balms will become a regular staple from Elemis and i’d luv one to be created in the aroma of the Aching Muscle Soak.
  • 20ml Hand Cream – I’ve noticed as the years have passed I now need to use a hand cream on a daily basis, but like when I use a body moisturiser I want it to sink into the skin quickly.  Both of the options are enriched with shea butter to deeply hydrate the skin and provide much needed hydration, without any greasy residue and leave the skin feeling super soft.  I like how the size of this hand cream fits into my jacket pocket so I can have it with me at all times.

All of these magical products come in a gorgeous gold gift box, which I personally prefer to a gift bag and looks stunning sitting under the tree.

Overall this is a fantastic value collection, which gives your skin a sensational glow and an indulgent experience, this is one Christmas treat you don’t want to miss out on, I think the toughest choice is to decide which fragrance option you would like to go for.  My recommendation would be to buy one of each, as they are both decadent, luxurious aromas.  My favourite is the White Lotus & Lime as it combines clean floral tones with a zesty citrus edge, which have just clinched my decision about this fragrance.  I hope to see more from this range, maybe in a room spray, candle or even a body scrub.


Have you tried the Elemis skincare and body products before?

What is your Desert Island type of aroma?

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