Intoxicating Rosa Absolute | Molton Brown

Intoxicating Rosa Absolute  |  Molton Brown

I am delighted to share today’s review with you, because it’s about a brand that I’m a massive fan of and one I even got the chance to work for when I lived in Manchester, which was a dream come true after using their wonderful products for many years.  My journey with Molton Brown started when I was a teenager, when I received a travel shower gel collection at Christmas from my parents.  I was instantly hooked by the aromatic aromas and I knew instantly that this was no ordinary body cleanser, this was a luxurious experience containing real essential oils which totally changed my expectations of how showering and bathing could be.

The creation of the name, is a fusion of the street name “South Molton Street” where the brand was created over 40 years ago and the cutting edge fashion boutique Browns which was established by the founders parents which was just a little further up the road.  Did you know that the story of Molton Brown began by hand blending hair care products above a salon on South Molton Street? and it was six years after that the first bathing products were first created.

I love how Molton Brown take me around the world with their creations and this time is London via Lombardia and is inspired by the Italian tradition sub rosa “Under the Rose – signifying secrecy” as their would be lavish banquet rooms with celings covered in roses which would be a reminder that all words spoken under them should remain confidential.  I like this meaning as perhaps by giving the gift of this Rosa Absolut shower gel, will be your way of saying how much you love someone without saying a word.

Roses have a special meaning for me and this Rosa Absolute blend takes me back to my childhood, as in my parents garden I was always drawn to this dark, mysterious crimson rose that when it came time to water I always gave it that extra bit of water to feed it and give some extra love to grow bigger and stronger.  I also found the aroma so intoxicating and as I’ve grown up I always like to have roses around my home.

As with all Molton Brown blends their isn’t just one singluar note and this blend also features Raspberry, Blackcurrent, Cinnamon, Clove and Pachuoli which only add to the decadence of this aroma, making it a sensual bathing experience.  I like to save this for a weekly Sunday night treat or I may indulge in a long soak just before a romantic date to get me in the mood.  The rich mositurising essential oils give a creamy lather and leave the skin super soft and delicately scented.

I know this may not be to all guys tastes as you may prefer fresher citrus notes, which Molton Brown also have an extensive range that you can try.  I’m lucky as my taste in fragrance is very exclectic, I adore both spectrums of scents from the fresh and uplifting Eucalyptus to woody and floral blends such as this.

It’s worth pointing out that this is a brand new release especailly for the festive period, so I would grab it quick and you’ll know your loved one will more than likely have never tried this before, it is available to purchase in a 300ml size from all Molton Brown stores and of course their website and retails at £20.

Have you tried Molton Brown before?

What is your Desert Island Molton Brown product or aroma?

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  1. tracey licence
    11th December 2016 / 11:40 am

    Never tried Mollton brown, looks and sounds lovely , perhaps I should ask Santa to get me some xx

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