Battling Through Arctic Ice to Find The Pot Of Gold | Bluebeards Revenge

Battling Through Arctic Ice to Find The Pot Of Gold  |  Bluebeards Revenge

Hello Guys

I want to share with you two new launches from the manliest beauty range on the market, Bluebeards Revenge.  Who are a British company offering high quality male grooming products, that are kind to the skin and free from parabens, as we all need a little bit of TLC from time to time.  They have also won the coveted FHM Grooming Award for Brand of the Year, against some fierce competition in 2014 and have been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, GQ, Nuts and The Sun.

As some of you may know I reviewed their famous Big Blue Bar of Soap for blokes back in May, however today I want to introduce you to two new releases to this range, to form a triple threat against dirt, grime and nasty odours.  If  you missed the original review then you can check it out HERE.


First of all we have the Classic Ice Soap which takes inspiration from the chunky blocks of pure ice that the pirates may of encountered on their treacherous voyages to the arctic in the search for treasure.  With a pure glycerin base, this hefty bar creates a gentle cleansing foam to give the entire body a through cleanse, whilst leaving the skin smelling totally fresh and clean, washing away the hard graft of the day.

The second new release is the Cuban Gold Soap which is inspired from the chunky bars of pure gold that an adventurous sea dog would of been lucky to find on his travels after many weeks at sea.  This concept applies in the modern world with stock market crashes, there is nothing more stable than Gold which is traded the world over and now you can have your very own to take in the bathroom with you.  I think this is my new favourite out of the trio, the aroma is completely different to the others, there are warm wood and musky tones to the aroma, like an expensive manly scent.  You never know this might bring your partner into the bathroom to give you a hand.


Also guys these are the perfect size to use all over the body and I encourage you to give your crown jewels a good check while your in their as nobody wants any nasty surprises and take a couple of seconds to do it, just don’t get too carried away haha.

If you’d like to try these new flavours then they can be purchased from the Bluebeards Revenge website retailing at £4.99 per bar.  Also these would make perfect stocking fillers to treat your man this Christmas.

Have you tried any of the Bluebeards Revenge range before?

What type of aroma do you prefer on your man?

Please comment below and let me know.

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