My Top Style Tips For A Celebration

My Top Style Tips For A Celebration

Doesn’t the famous Frank Sinatra song go “You’ve Either Got Or You Haven’t Got Style?” well to me style is very subjective, what I like to wear and what I think is stylish, could be vastly different from your version.  But that what I love about fashion, it would be so boring if we all dressed the same as one another, I think it’s important to express your personality in all aspects of your life, including the clothing you choose to wear.

I am very much a smart-casual type of guy, as I like to look presentable whilst still having a level of comfort.  This is mainly because I’ve spent many years wearing uncomfortable clothes as a kind of uniform when working for certain employers.  So any chance I can get to loose the belt and feel relaxed is perfect for me.

This being said I do like to make an extra special effort when it comes to special events or celebrations.  Recently it was my Dad’s birthday and we all went out as a family to celebrate, so I decided to plan ahead and choose a new outfit for this occasion.  I decided to check out what the offerings were like on the Jacamo website, as a few friends of mine had made some purchases from there lately, so wanted to see if there was anything that caught my fancy.

One brand that stood out to me the most was Williams & Brown London, who have a wide selection of smart clothing that would be perfect for the birthday celebrations.  I also had a good browse through Jacamo’s own label and decided to blend the two together for a look that represents me as a person, stylish, refined with a touch of tradition.

Here is what a chose:

  • Williams & Brown London Tonic Suit Jacket £45 – I chose this as it the Charcoal shade makes this look very high end and it has a nipped design to show of my waist line.  The fabric feels so soft against my skin and can see this being a timeless addition to my wardrobe.
  • Williams & Brown London Long Sleeve Formal Shirt £14 – There’s nothing quite like a crisp white shirt to set off any outfit, I always remember when I was growing up watching James Bond, that he would always wear one, so it’s stuck in my head.  The fabric feels nice and soft against the skin and didn’t make me sweat like others have done, which I put down to high percentage of cotton in the mix.
  • Black Label by Jacamo Herringbone Waistcoat £18 – This is where I wanted to show off part of my personality, as i’ve always liked the herringbone style, as it makes me think of a country gent out on his walks with the dogs and the texture of the material adds a contrast to the silkiness of the rest of the outfit.
  • Williams & Brown London Tonic Suit Trousers £16 – To finish off the outfit I chose the matching trousers to the tonic jacket to make it in a suit that is effortlessly stylish and can be worn many times with other shirts and accessories.

Overall I am very impressed by the quality of this clothing and made me feel very smart and perfect dressed for the occasion.  What was most surprising to me was the price, this full outfit cost me £93 which I think is very good value for money as I can wear these for lots of different events in the future and change up the shirt to create a new refreshed look each time.

If you are looking to improve your guys style or perhaps you are a guy who is a little stuck in the rut with your current wardrobe, then I suggest you give the Jacamo website a browse, i’m sure you will find something special to wear.

What is your sense of style?

Do you choose comfort over fashion?

Please comment below and let me know.

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