Top 5 Solutions for Oily Skin | Bulldog

Top 5 Solutions for Oily Skin | Bulldog

I’ve recently received lots of messages via my social media channels regrading topsy-turvy skin, that with the change in season many of you are experiencing an increase in oil production, leading to a congested appearance.  Also I’ve received a number of messages from my male followers asking how to balance their skin and that of their teenage sons, who are dealing with hormonal breakouts.  So I thought I would combine both into one blog, as I’ve recently discovered the Oil Control range from Bulldog, which offers five tailor made solutions to balance the skin and treat the appearance of shine and reduce the look of congestion and breakouts.

If you are new to Bulldog they are a British company which was founded in July 2007, the inspiration for this brand came out necessity, as there were very few options available for men, who wanted to use products that were good for the skin and didn’t contain man-made chemicals.

Bulldog have also chose to use naturally active ingredients and essential oils rather than skin sensitising or fillers such as parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.  A move that made Bulldog the first and only male skincare company to be recognised and approved ‘cruelty-free’ by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, the British authority on animal testing issues) under their Humane Cosmetics Standards.

Their packaging is no nonsense, white with earthy brown and green tones combined with the adorable signature bulldog motif, allowing me to feel manly whilst engaging in a traditionally feminine activity.  Although recent studies have shown the biggest growth area in skincare, is male products and treatments as more and more men are realising how beneficial it is to look after their skin and this range has been specifically created for a male skin.

  • Oil Control Face Wash £4.50 – Cleansing is an important step to keep your skin healthy and balanced, which is particularly important for those with an oily or congested skin, as so many cleansers designed for this skin type can overly strip the skin, which only increases oil production.  With a blend of witch hazel, willow bark and juniper extracts to calm, cleanse and begin the re-balancing process without leaving your skin feeling dry and taught.
  • Oil Control Face Scrub £5.00 – It can be easy to think that an oily needs exfoliating more often to keep the skin cleaner, but in fact once a week is enough to help the skin to naturally adjust and re-balance, excessive exfoliation will only stimulate your skin to produce more oil.  With the addition of charcoal for it’s skin balancing properties, gently buffs away the dead skin, leaving a smoother, fresher appearance.
  • Oil Control Moisturiser £6.00 – I have always had a combination skin and when I was younger with acne, if someone mentioned the word moisturiser I wanted to run as I saw it as adding more grease to my already greasy skin.  I quickly learned however that every skin type needs to use a moisturiser, it’s about choosing the correct one for your skin.  This hydration cream harnesses the power of witch hazel, willow bark and juniper with clinically proven anti-shine ingredients to leave the skin feeling nourished, whilst giving a matte appearance.  I’ve found this is a fantastic base for makeup as this moisturiser forms a barrier for the makeup to hold onto for longer.
  • Oil Control Face Mask £6.00 – One of my favourite products to use is a face mask, as this is often the most concentrated formula in a range, as it has to work on a deeper treatment level.  This mask is formulated with Cornish Clay to draw out impurities from the skin and deeply cleanse.  I would reccomend using this once a week after exfoliating for maximum benefits.
  • Oil Control Blemish Targeter £6.00 – With the best will in the world all of us, no matter our skin type can break out in a blemish or two from time to time, so it’s important to have a rescue remedy tool in your beauty arsenal that offers a targeted treatment to calm and clear, without upsetting the surrounding skin or making the problem worse.  This feels cooling on the skin and I could instantly feel it beginning to work and within a day I could hardly notice where my blemish had been.

I would highly reccomend this range if your skin is feeling out of sorts or you are currently living with a very oily or shiny skin, as I know first hand how this can affect your confidence and believe me I wish these products were around when I had the same problems.  You can also slot any of these products into your existing routine as and where needed.  For example I will be keeping on using the face mask as a deep cleansing treatment, when me skin needs a through cleanse, also I love how the moisturiser gives a matte effect, perfect to take down the look of shine and the blemish targeter is a must have, as you never know when a blemish might appear, especially during the stressful lead up to Christmas.

All of these products can be purchased from the Bulldog website and found on your local high street and supermarkets.

Have you tried any of the Bulldog range before?

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