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As we are fast approaching Christmas Day now, the wonderful Emma Hardie has been running a competition on the run up to the big day with the #12DaysOfGiveaways across their social media pages to make this festive season extra special.  So far lucky winners have won eye creams, cleansing balms, moisturisers, facial oils and serums, but you don’t want to miss out on the prize for the 23rd December, which will be the All Stars Collection.

I have been very lucky to recieve one of these fantastic collections to share with you, to give you all a taster of what you could enter and win, to give your skin a much needed boost, to lock in hydration now that Winter is most certainly here.

Emma Hardie – All Stars Collection £85 RRP £130

  • Moringa Balm 50ml – This is such a multi-functional balm. you only need the size of a 5p piece into the palm of your hand with a little bit of water to then massage all over the face as cleanser, removing with the professional cleansing cloth to effectively remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup from the skin.  I have also applied as a mask onto dry skin, leaving for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the moringa, sweet almond and grape seed oils to deeply hydrate the skin.  Also a top tip for the guys out there, it makes a wonderful shaving medium as it allows the blade to glide over the skin without any irritation and your left with smooth, cleansed and hydrated skin.
  • Age Support Face Cream 50ml – This is a luxurious moisturiser that pretty much has everything you could want to treat your skin, by combining the natural peptides from Avocado, antioxidants from Edelweiss, hydration from Hyaluronic Acid, Moringa, Evening Primrose and Rose Hip seed oils to nourish the skin whilst the addition of Vitamin E helps to protect the skin from toxins and pollution.  Plus an exclusive Natural Polymatrix Algae Film Extract to give the skin a firmer, plumped up, glowing appearance.  I have been using this as my day cream for the past week and I am amazed by the results I’be noticed already, not only does my skin feel hydrated all day, but my facial features appear much more defined, I am excited to see how much further my skin will improve with regular use.
  • Midas Touch Serum 15ml – I have been wanting to experience this unique serum for some time now, ever since I heard about how this powerful facial elixir combines a blend of natural extracts and advanced skin technologies to work on the deeper active layers of the skin, allowing to make a real difference to the appearance of lines, firmness and radiance.  Just holding this serum in my hand feels amazing, but once applied to the skin this Rolls-Royce of serums quickly penetrates the skin to actively make a difference.  Within a couple of days I have seen such a difference, my fine lines look erased, my pores are smaller and my skin has a renewed energy about it, which is noticeable in the mirror and by others.  I never want to run out of this serum anytime soon.
  • Brilliance Facial Oil 5ml – It is important to layer your skincare, especially in winter as by doing this it gives your skin reserves of moisture to protect and hydrate the skin all day long, even when your out in the bitter cold.  One of the biggest buzz words in skincare this year has been Omega’s I’ve seen it with many brands and this facial oil contains five plant oils all of which contain Omega 3 to feed the skin and help restructure the skins appearance.  I have been using this facial oil for the past couple of months in the full size and I can honestly say it is a joy to use, I have noticed that my skin has a greater radiance and looks refreshed, as if i’d had a facial on a daily basis.

I am thrilled to have been able to try these amazing products and I want you all to enter the Emma Hardie giveaway on the 23rd Decemember for the chance to experience this collection for yourself.

To enter you need to follow the Emma Hardie social media pages either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and simply follow these accounts and tag a friend in the comments section on either of these platforms to give you a chance to win.  I would personally reccomend entering on all of these social media account to give yourself an amazing chance to make a difference to your skin.

Have you tried any of the Emma Hardie range before?

Whats your Desert Island product for Winter?

Please comment below and let me know.

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