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With Christmas Day fast approaching I want to share with you this years festive gifts from one of my favourite high fashion British nail care brands Nails Inc.

When I think of Nails Inc I always think about the innovation behind their fantastic products, they are always striving to keep you on trend with statement shades to coordinate with the latest fashion looks, whilst constantly creating new formulas that combine the best of skincare to feed and strengthen the nails.

Here is a selection the newest arrivals for this festive season, that I know you will want to find in your stocking on Christmas Day.

  • Nail Candy Gift Set £26.40 – This is a wonderful sweet treat collection in unique Candy Cane packaging that contains four full size nail polishes, perfect if you want inject a bit of fun and playtime to your manicure looks this season, by combining shades or perhaps adding a touch of candy sprinkles to the tips, let your imagination run wild.  Contains: St James – this is a classic pillar box red that always makes a statement, Grosvenor Crescent – if you prefer deep opulent aubergine tones then turn to the dark side with this stunning shade to add a touch of luxury to your look, Royal Avenue – Full of red and gold candy glitter to add warmth and festive cheer to any shade and  finally we have Belsize Road – If you prefer your sparkle to match your gold jewellery then add this as some frosting to the tips of your nails for an extra touch of expensive glitz and glamour.

  • The Reflectors £15 each – This limited edition range is perfect for the fashionista who wants to stay ahead of the trend this festive season, as these unique holographic shades are easy to wear no matter your skin tone and give a touch of understate elegance.  You have a choice of Old Montague Street – this is a rich creamy neutral shade full of multi-dimensional peachy-beige tones, Kings Cross Road – perfect if you adore silver or platinum jewellery as this is like pouring pure molten intergalactic metal over the nails and finally we have Primrose Street – this is my favourite as it has a mother of pearl shell finish, full of multi-dimensional tones that change as you move.
  • All Fired Up Fuelled By Charcoal £15 each – This is a perfect example of how Nails Inc are constantly innovating their nail polish with ingredients which used to only be reserved for skincare.  This time they have fired up their fantastic Gel Effect formula with one of the biggest buzz word ingredients for 2016, Charcoal.  As for centuries it has been used in Asian skincare to promote health and well being and using this magical ingredient on the nails it will help to protect against environmental toxins and pollutants.  You have a choice of Noble Street – A deep rich plum shade, perfect to combine with neutral winter woollens to add warmth and a pop of colour to the nails, Spencer Street – This Charcoal inspired pewter shade is so unique and adds a rich creamy texture to the nails and finally we have Portland Square – A rich tomato red, that is vibrant and perfect for those wanting to experiment with a brighter shade.

Overall if you are looking to spice up your Winter look or have a fashionista in your family or friends, then any of these new festive collections will make a perfect treat for yourself or a welcome gift to your loved ones.

Have you tried any of the Nails Inc range before?

What is your Desert Island Nails Inc shade?

Please comment below and let me know.

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