Yankee Candle UK Spring Large Jars TSV on QVCUK 9th January 2017

Yankee Candle UK Spring Large Jars TSV on QVCUK 9th January 2017

Hello Yankee Fans

You may remember a preview post I wrote back in September, where I was able to share some upcoming fragrances from Yankee Candle for 2017.  Well the wait is almost over, as tomorrow it will be January 1st and the brand new Spring scents will be released.

To coincide with these new season of scents, there will be a Yankee Candle TSV on QVCUK the 9th January 2017, which will feature three large jars from the Pure Essence III collection, plus one of their wonderful illuma lids which has completely changed the way I burn my candles as it allows for an even distribution of heat from the flame by protecting the burning candle from draughts and these can be very useful to rescue a tunnelling candle.

Item 706690 – Yankee Candle Set Of 3 UK Spring Large Jars & Illuma Lid £38.92 available on Auto Delivery


  • Wild Mint Large Jar – This is my favourite out of these three new scents, as i was a bit fan of their Fresh Mint candle which is now retired.  This new fragrance is slightly bolder, with a richer aroma that really feels like you are walking out in the countryside, with the aroma of the wild herbs and nettles filling the air.
  • Cherry Blossom Large Jar – If you adore floral candles then this is perfect for you, I am a big fan of florals and this will bring the brightness of a warm spring day into your home.  The intoxicating aroma of Jasmine, Cherry Blossom and Sandalwood bring this candle to life.
  • Linden Tree Large Jar – This is perfect to refresh your home after the festive season, the combination of Linden Blossom, Viburnam and Musk, create a bright leafy freshness with a hint of woody tones, which I think most men will even enjoy in their home.
  • Illuma Lid –  Crosshatch Brass, Curve Gun Metal, Matrix or Moroccan Copper.

If you choose the Auto Delivery option then you will recieve three new fragrances as the seasons change, plus a matching illuma lid to coordinate with these new scents.

You may have seen that the price of some of the Yankee Candle formats have increased as of the 1st January 2017, including the large jars which have now risen to £23.99 per jar.  I still think that this price offers fantastic value as the burn time per jar is 150 hours and their are many other brands which charge a lot more for far less burn time, I wonder if this has come about because of Brexit?

One thing I will say is that the increase has come just a year after the last increase where the price of a large jar rose by £2 so in the space of two years they have increase by £4, I personally don’t mind a rise with something that is exceptional quality, I just wish that the rise wasn’t as much in such a short space of time.  So depending on the price of this TSV it may be worth choosing the Auto Delivery option.

Have you tried any of the Yankee Candle range before?

What is your Desert Island Yankee scent?

Please comment below and let me know.

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