Decleor Salon Essentials Anti-Ageing 5 Piece TSV on QVCUK 8th January 2017

Decleor Salon Essentials Anti-Ageing 5 Piece TSV on QVCUK 8th January 2017

Hello Beauties

I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year so far, have you managed to stick to any resolutions you’ve made such as #DryJanuary ? or are you waiting till next week as you still have cupboards full of food and drink.

Following on from my first post of the year about giving your skincare routine a #FreshStart, I am excited to bring you all the info about the first Decleor Today’s Special Value of 2017 which is a perfect collection to give you a fantastic skincare routine with supersized products that will last you the majority of the upcoming year ahead, even if you didn’t purchase anything else.

This collection launches on QVCUK at midnight on the 8th January 2017, each of the five products in this collection are a staple in my beauty routine, some of which I have been using for over 20 years as they always give me results and are dependable skin saviours.

Item 228400 – Decleor 5 Piece Supersize Skincare Collection £66 RRP £230 available on 3 EZ Payments


  • 400ml Soothing Micellar Water – For me this is the best micellar cleanser there is as it’s effective at removing all traces of makeup and dirt from my skin, but with the addition of Rose Damaceana, leaves me skin soothed and comforted.  Perfect if you have sensitive skin or you want to quick cleanser without compromising your cleansing routine.
  • 400ml System Corps – This is a multi-functional body lotion as it gives my skin instant hydration but their are also firming & toning ingredients to help improve the appearance of slackness or loss of tone on the body.  My top tip is to take this product up to the jaw line if you’re not using a neck cream at the moment to see the difference this award winning formula can make.
  • 200ml Gel Prolagene – I have lost count how many tubes of this truly unique product I have used, I first discovered this as a teenager to help heal my spotty, acne skin which it did the most incredible job at doing.  These days I mix it with my facial moisturiser to give add an element of facial firming to my daily routine, plus its brilliant after shaving to reduce any redness or irritation and is great to take down inflammation from insect bites.  You can also mix this with the System Corps to give an extra body firming treatment or into your hand cream if you’ve noticed this area could use more attention.  There are so many uses for this magical product, I encourage you to have fun and see how it works best for you.
  • 100ml Hydra Floral Light Cream – This is my go to moisturiser when my skin is lacking hydration at the change of seasons, as it gorges my skin with hydration without leaving a shiny or greasy appearance.  If I was to reccomend one moisturiser for a guy who is scared of using a cream then I would always choose this as I’ve converted so many men to using this product with fantastic results.
  • 15ml Neroli Aromessence Balm – This is my not to secret pot of magic, I always reach for this when me skin is feeling topsy-turvy or out of balance, as when I add this into my nightly routine I always see a vast improvement in the appearance of my skin texture, hydration and most importantly gives me control over my skin, whether it’s feeling too oily or dry, this always works.  Also I adore the aroma of this balm, breathing it in allows me to feel calm and relaxed.

If you are new to Decleor this wonderful range was created by Solange Dessimoulie in 1974, from the start she was focused on the total wellbeing of the body, skin and mind, using plant sciences and natural principles with a focus on the importance of massage, acupuncture and reflexology.  As word began to spread about the products she was creating and to realise her new ideas, Solange took on a chemist, a technician, a doctor and notably an aromatherapist Caroline Colliard.  Decléor was originally named “Cléor” which means “the Golden Key” in Egyptian mythology, Solange had a vision that beauty came from within to the outside – the temple.  The golden key was a symbolic of opening the temple of of beauty.  Decleor is now a global brand and has the world’s largest skin care research and development laboratory with over 3000 technicians.

I hope you can join the wonderful Fiona Brackenbury and Alison Young for launch of this fantastic collection at midnight on QVCUK the 8th January.  This TSV has my name written all over it, so I will be stocking up on these must have essentials.

Have you tried the Decleor range before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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(Image courtesy of Decleor)

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