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I’ve mentioned on previous blogs that I have a sensitive skin type which I am usually able to keep under control, but ever since the start of the new year my skin has become ultra reactive, I’m not sure if this is the change in weather or my diet over the festive period but I’ve had to strip back my entire routine to allow my skin to calm down and use products that have few ingredients in as to not further exacerbate the problem.

After a couple of weeks I noticed that while the sensitivity had calmed my skin was looking quite dehydrated and my lines looked more prominent which I wanted to address without causing any aggravation and cause any further skin flare ups.  This is when I came across a couple of products which I’d had for a little while but had yet to try.  Upon researching more about the Sönd brand and their use of Silica as their key ingredient throughout their products, I knew that this was the range to introduce into my routine as there mission is to “Improve The Lives Of People With Sensitive Skin.”

The products I decided to try were their Revitalising Face Serum 30ml £42 to tackle the appearance of my aged and wrinkled appearance and their Replenishing Facial Oil 30ml £34 as I adore oils in my skincare anyway, plus I hoped this would help to increase my hydration levels and improve my dull and tired appearance.

  • Revitalising Face Serum – Containing only 10 ingredients, this paraben free formula with it’s silky smooth texture instantly soothed my skin and improved the look of my skin texture after one application, leaving it feeling silky smooth.  Over the course of using this daily after cleansing my skin looked firmer and my fine lines looked far less noticeable and I’ve had no more sensitivity flare ups so its win all around.
  • Replenishing Facial Oil – Now that my skin is looking firmer with less noticeable wrinkles I wanted to increase my skin’s hydration levels with this paraben free facial oil which contains only 5 ingredients and is applied to the skin over the top of any serums or moisturisers to lock in hydration and protect the skin from environmental pollution.  Sönd recommend to use three to four drops, but I found that I got the best with two drops evenly smoothed over my skin.  The texture of this oil is super fine and lightweight whilst still packing a punch in the hydration stakes and the subtle aroma is a delight to use.

Overall I am so glad to have gave this duo of skin food a try, as not only has the appearance of my skin improved with increased firmness, hydration and I now know all about the #SilicaGlow.  My skin feels healthy and well looked after, which I can only put down to the introduction of this duo to my beauty routine.

If you suffer from skin sensitivity or flares ups like I do, it’s important to choose a range which can still give greater anti-ageing benefits whilst calming and soothing the skin such as this Sönd skincare range.  I am very impressed by the results and it has been at no detriment to my skin health.  Also if you have some facial furniture as a guy then the facial oil is brilliant to use as a beard oil to soften the feel of the hair. 

Have you tried any of the Sönd range before?

Please comment below and let me know.

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