Bring Your Project To Life with Bidvine

Bring Your Project To Life with Bidvine

The start of a new year is a time for new possibilities and a time to focus on what I want to improve or change in my life.  My latest project is to redecorate my spare bedroom as I have turned this into my office / blogging room so I would like the decor to match it’s new purpose.

Unfortunately my talents don’t stretch to being a master painter or decorator and I can’t even as my dad as he’s not what you would call the handy man type.  So I have grown up with my parents hiring various skilled and trained professionals to help around the house, now that I have my own home this task is now up to me, but where do I start?  I could search the web and contact the various companies in my area but then I would have to explain over and over the type of work I want doing, which becomes very tedious and boring.  As I not only need to find a competent and skilled decorator, but I have a budget in mind for this work so I’m thinking I probably need several quotes who can see my vision but that won’t cost me a small fortune.

So I recently discovered a wonderful website called Bidvine, which offers to take the stress out of this arduous task by contacting local skilled trades people to send me quotes for the work I want doing.  I was surprised how quick and easy the process was, all I did was enter the nature of my request, along with my post code on the websites home page.  Then answered a few simple questions such as what type of work I needed doing, the size of the room and if I would be providing the paint supplies or would that be required as part of the quote.  Then I provided my name and email address so that I can be contacted with the quotes for the work I want doing.  You can also add your phone number to get text quotes, which is an optional service, but as i’m pretty busy most days, contact via email was the best option for me.

Then this is where the magic happens, as Bidvine takes all the work out of this task by contacting all of my local painters and decorators that are skilled and reliable to send me a quote.  Within ten minutes I had an email with a list of quotes tailor made just for me and as an added bonus you can also see links to their websites, qualifications and read reviews from other Bidvine customers who have hired them.

I am still in the process of making my final choice who is going to do the work for me, as I need to find the time when this work can be completed but I have narrowed it down to two choices both of which have sent me a comprehensive quote and detailed all what could be offered and what the price included, I just want to have a chat with each of them to see which I feel can bring my vision to life.

The whole process to find good, qualified people and to be able to compare them with one another has been so easy as you hear such horror stories about botched work that takes more money to fix.  Whilst on Bidvine I noticed that this isn’t just service that can find you decorators or handymen but that I could also take up piano lessons, or learn the benefits of yoga the possibilities are endless.

I would reccomend giving Bidvine a try and see what they can arrange for you at a reasonable price and in super fast time.

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