A Quick Fix For Tired & Dry Eyes | Optrex

A Quick Fix For Tired & Dry Eyes  |  Optrex

These days whether it be work, hobbies or pleasure we are all using various forms of screen-based technology, whether it’s to be productive, to stay connected or to enjoy the latest movie or tv show.  All of this constant glare and high definition content, it’s no wonder more and more of us are suffering from tired eyes and headaches, which come as an unfortunate side effect from modern day living and social interaction.

I have experienced this first hand as the majority, if not all of my day consists of switching between checking my phone or tablet, using my computer to write or research new brands and then enjoying some relaxation time in front of the TV.  Some days my eyes are so sore I just have to step away, lay down and try and relax my eyes, but with little or no effect on my eyes.  So when I heard that Optrex had launched some specialist warming eye masks, which are designed to not only relieve tired eyes but allow you time away from your devices to relax and unwind, I knew I had to give them a try.

These clever eye masks use a unique Microsteam technology developed by Optrex to give a gentle warming sensation over the eye area, a bit like if you’ve ever been for a facial where they place warm mittens all over your face and eyes but this goes even one step better, as you can now create your own peaceful haven in the comfort of your own home and allow the blissful feeling these masks create, to wash over you in the comfort of your own home.

The masks come freshly packaged in individual sachets, which only become activated upon opening so make sure you have the time to fully experience these without any interruptions.  They are padded to protect your eyes and come with elastic straps to hold the pads in place, just adjust them to your own preference.  One of the best times to apply one of these masks is before bed as they give me such a calm and relaxed feeling that I fancy a nap after removing them.  I was very surprised at how different my eyes felt after using this mask, I’ll be honest and say that I thought it sounded a little gimmicky, but after one session my whole eye area felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to face another day.

I have also been trialling the Optrex Acti-Mist 2 in 1 Eye Spray, as there are often times for me that just because my eyes are tired or dry, it doesn’t mean that I can stop working or take a rest, so I wanted to try this spray to see if it could give me comfort whilst carrying on with my busy life.  I have tried eye drops before, which have helped to some extent but the only drawback for me is no matter how careful I am some of the fluid always rolls down my cheek that I need to wipe up which ends up removing any concealer or powder, that I need to go and re-apply.  Where as this super fine mist is applied with your eyes closed, allowing the specialist ingredients which have been clinically proven to to penetrate through the skin to repair the eye’s lipid layer and lock in natural moisture for up to four hours.

For me personally I found I needed to apply this spray a couple of times a day for the first couple of days to keep me going, dropping down to once every other day when the occasion arose, so I do believe there is something to this clever little spray and will be sure to keep one with me just in case.

I think it’s easy to take your eyes for granted as you forget how much they are constantly doing for you without realising it, so to have some specialist essentials such as these to take the pressure of and give them a treat is a winner for me.  I would highly suggest you give these a try and experience the results for yourself.  Both of which can be purchased from most high street retailers and pharmacies, retailing at £3.99 for a pack of two eye pads or £9.99 for a pack of 8, whereas the the eye spray retails at £13 and contains up to 100 sprays which to me offers fantastic value for the price and the feeling it gives my eye area.

Do you suffer from dry or tired eyes?

Have you tired other solutions in the past?

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