Yankee Candle Set Of 3 USA Special Large Jars TSV on QVCUK 15th February 2017

Yankee Candle Set Of 3 USA Special Large Jars TSV on QVCUK 15th February 2017

Hello Yankee Fans

I have some amazing news to share with you that I know you’re going to enjoy, especially if you want to get your hands on some USA only Yankee Candles.  As on the 15th February there will be a Today’s Special Value on QVCUK, featuring a set of three large jars from the American range, that won’t be easy to find here in the UK.  Also there is a Auto Delivery option where in 90 days time you keep the same special TSV price but will recieve three more hard to find large jars.

I am a massive Yankee Candle fan so to be able to try and enjoy these wonderful scents which would be so difficult to find over here, just reinforces the special relationship they have with QVCUK.

Item 706947 – Yankee Candle Set of 3 USA Special Large Jars £TBC available on Auto Delivery


  • Honey Lavender Gelato Large Jar – A refreshing lavender treat that’s bursting with flavour and topped with cool blackberry and warm honey.
  • Cafe Al Fresco Large Jar – The warm air of a bustling outdoor cafe kissed with sweet notes of cinnamon, coffee and a dash of caramel.
  • Mediterranean Breeze Large Jar – Feel the warm, salt air of the Mediterranean, a seaside mix of soft citrus blossoms and amber.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite out of these three candles, but I think the Honey Lavender Gelato may just have the edge over the other two but that could change depending on my mood.

If you choose the Auto Delivery option then you will recieve one further drop in 90 days time which consists of

  • Tulips Large Jar – This delicate, feminine floral fragrance is naturally clean and bright, capturing the essence of a dewy spring morning.
  • Sweet Honeysuckle Large Jar – A hummingbirds delight, the beautifully enticing spring aroma of golden nectar.
  • Hydrangea Large Jar – The enticing scent of beautiful flowers with green notes and hints of hyacinth, lilac and vanilla.

I adore the aroma of the Tulips candle and once had a melt of the Hydrangea which was lovely so I am very keen to try the Sweet Honeysuckle as it sounds right up my street as I enjoy bold floral scents.

I hope you can join the lovely Steven Corfield for the launch at midnight on the 15th February 2017 on QVCUK.

Are you a fan of Yankee Candles?

What is your Desert Island Yankee Candle scent?

Please comment below and let me know.

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