Time For An Instant Detox with Face Inc by Nails Inc

Time For An Instant Detox with Face Inc by Nails Inc

Hello Beauties

As some of you may know the past week has been quite stressful due to the health of a close family member, which has totally disrupted my healthy eating new years resolutions, but I’m just glad that everything is back on a positive note.

Due to not having the time to eat as healthy as I would of liked my skin has suffered, so I thought this was the best time to treat myself to an instant skin detox with this brand new sheet mask from Face Inc by Nails Inc.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the wonderful nail treatments and on trend, must have fashion shades that are a staple of the Nails Inc range, which is a British brand founded by Thea Green and they have now taken all of their expertise and created a range of wonderful skincare treatment masks to rejuvenate the skin, which come in handy single use sachets, so you can take them anywhere with you.

I chose the Instant Detox Sheet Mask to give my skin a much needed through cleanse, whilst feeding the skin with a blend of Acacia & Ginko Leaf, combined with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate the skin and plump up the appearance of fine lines.  Once removed from the foil wrapped this mask is gorged with a cooling skin serum, that you simply place over the facial area and sit back and relax.





It is recommended to be left on the skin for fifteen minutes, to allow all of these wonderful ingredients to penetrate and feed your skin, but you can always leave it on for longer as their is no detriment for doing so.  Once I removed the mask from my skin, I was surprised by the results, not only did my skin look clearer, smoother and brighter, but I also had a refreshed and hydrated appearance, just what my skin needed.







I think this would be perfect to use before a special occasion or like me when you need to take some “me” time and pamper yourself as it’s important take care of yourself even when looking after others.  The best part is this mask retails at £5 and I found that I was able to place the mask back into the sachet as there was still plenty of the serum left over, so I have folded over the edge and placed in the fridge so I can give myself an extra treatment in the next couple of days.

There are more masks in the range from #FaceInc which I hope to try out very soon.

Are you a fan of Nails Inc?

Have you tried a sheet mask before?

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