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Finding a signature scent can be difficult as our moods change constantly, the same can be said about fashion, it’s constantly evolving and changing, but whether its fragrance or fashion there are some things that never go out of style and are classics that you want to wear over and over again.  One of the biggest hubs for everything aesthetic and on trend is Paris, so it’s no wonder that this is the birth place of Zadig & Voltaire, which was founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, who has fashion in his blood as he is the grandson of Andre Gillier who was the co-founder of Lacoste.

For the past twenty years he has been creating high quality ready to wear fashion with a rebellious, unashamed boho and rock edge that takes inspiration from french artistry and music to create a signature yet eclectic mix which has it’s own life and spirit, it’s much more than clothing it’s an essence, a feeling which can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s no wonder that Thierry’s latest creation was to bottle this spirit of his brand, so that everyone can enjoy this unique feeling, that breaks away from anything else on the market and to find a balance of some clean yet dark and mysterious.  In collaboration with famous perfumers Nathalie Lorson & Aurelien Guichard for the gentleman’s fragrance and Sidonie Lancesseur & Michel Almairac for the ladies.  His vision has been brought to life in two substantial black and white glass bottles with cracked edges which when placed together combine as one.

This Is Him! – This is a dark and mysterious oriental mix that combines the sharp fruity aroma of Grapefruit with bolder spices such as Black Pepper, Incense and Sandalwood, with a touch of creamy Vanilla, almost like a strong, bold coffee with a drop of cream, swirling in the centre full of intrigue.  The elements of this fragrance are a unique combination, especially in a male fragrance as so many tread the same traditional line, that it can become boring.  Where as this fragrance evokes a way of life, one that is cool, calm and collected but is more to the man that wears this, than meets the eye, as you know what they say about shy boys, there’s usually much more just waiting to be explored.

This is Her! – This is a festival of gourmand creamy sweetness combined with a floral elements of Jasmine and Silkwood blossom, to create wonderful feminine scent with its own unique, quirky sense of style.  It’s nice to see that their are co-coordinating notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla, that both fragrances share, as this allows the aromas to blend with one another like a cosy cashmere wool wrap, draped over the shoulders of a young quirky couple as they enjoy an alfresco dining experience in the centre of MontMartre.

Overall I think that these fragrances are an expertly blended works of distinctive flavours and tones, which allow the wearer to quietly and reservedly stand out from the bustling crowd.  I would place these at the top of the list for your next purchase or as a treat for a loved one, especially if they have a cool sense of style and attitude.  You can purchase both of these fragrances from most high street and online stores in various sizes to keep at home or carry around with you.

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