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Shave By Touch  |  EvoShave

In the last ten years there has been such a signifficant growth in the male grooming industry, with more men now than ever looking after their skin.  This has created a multi-billion worldwide industry, so it’s no wonder new products aimed at guys are on the increase, with brands looking at new an innovative ways in which to tempt us.

One daily activity that most of us need to do is shave and it feels like I see a new advertisement for the latest razor nearly everyday, most come with such high tech or engine thrusting sounding names, to feed into the masculine male stereotype in order for us to part with our hard earned cash.  It’s difficult to know sometimes if your buying a razor or something which will zoom around the house at warp speed.  The male grooming market may be on the increase, but the average spend is still far away from our female counterparts, when it comes to looking after our appearance.  So when I discovered Evo Shave who have a totally new concept when it comes to shaving, but at a price which makes it so economical to use, I just had to find out more and give it a try.



Made in Germany, The EvoShave comes with innovative dual edge blades which are perfectly designed to match the cutting edge design and requires a more hands on or should I say fingers on shaving action.  Which feels more natural and at one with the skin, feeling every contour whilst remaining in full control.  EvoShave have even won the prestigious red dot award for design and they’re also an ecologically conscious company, as their packaging can be reused as a carry case, ready for any travel plans you may have. and the promotional card is 100% recyclable.

Overall I think this is an ingenious new way to shave and certainly makes the mundane chore of shaving that bit more fun, whilst achieving smooth results and without any irritation to the skin.  I was a little bit concerned about the number of blades compared to others that I’ve used before and them clogging up with shaving product but this hasn’t been the case and the clever design allows for easy rinsing off any hairs or left over shave gel.



I think this would make a fantastic gift, whether that be your partner, brother or a close friend who always have the latest gadget.  Surprise them with one of these and with the starter packs retailing at £4.99 in a choice of three funky colours and a replacement pack of four blades at £5.98 this is a range which they can afford to repurchase and continue enjoying.

Do you find shaving to be a boring but necessary activity?

Are you looking for a new razor and like new innovative design?

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